Weekly Round Up: 69/70…

Totes soz that I didn’t update you guys last week. We’ve been so so busy and I really just didn’t get time to blog. I managed to get out the PT Diaries from Week 8 – but that was it! So here goes with a brief round up from the last 2 wees:

That Good Week…

– Suprising Matt when he best friends flew in for the weekend

Really enjoying brunch at The St Regis, Saadiyat

– Some good results in my Monthly Update

– Showing Matts besties around Yas Marina Circuit

– Getting right back on track after the weekend of indulgences

– Stocking up on supplements and healthy meal preps for the coming week!

That Bad Week…

– The feeling of stress I had at the end of week 69 was absolutely unbearable. A mix of work, gym, blogging, matts friends flying in secretly, my online course and a bunch of other things really sent me a bit doo-lally!!

– Promising myself that I would only have 1 day of indulgences at Friday brunch, but that leaking over into Saturday and Sunday too. Oopsie!

– Not being able to move forward with my workouts with my Personal Trainer because the equipment isn’t ready. Grrrr

Next Week…

I am running an event at du Forum next week, so it’s going to be super busy with coordination and I’m sure stress levels will be through the roof. I have made plans to ensure my meal prep is down and that I am prepared for everything – because I really do NOT want to fall off of the wagon at this point. Our lovely visitors bought us the Body Coach Lean in 15 book so we are trying a bunch of recipes from that. Excited!!

Exercise wise, we’ve got the three sessions with my Personal Trainer over at Le Meridien, and then I am going to definitely head to the track on Tuesday for a bit of cycling. I want to get in one more session as well – possibly a body combat class at Primal?! Who knows!!

In Pictures…



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  1. Looks like you have this down to a t by now! Keep up the good work! It’ll pay off! Events can be stressful but it’s even worse when you find out you’ve put on weight after an event!


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