The PT Diaries…Week 9

Saturday, February 27th

With Matt’s friends still here – we spent the day over in Dubai and then down at Yas Marina for dinner and drinks. I was super good and didn’t drink (it was painful, believe me)!! Still a rest day – but loads of steps done in Dubai!

Total Daily Burn: Active Calories – 507, Total Calories – 2080

Sunday, February 28th

Spent the evening showing the guys around Yas Marina Circuit! I hadn’t been cycling for aaaaages because I’d been running throughout February, so it was really good to get back on a bike! So good that I actually beat a bunch of PR’s! Check out my Strava here

Total Daily Burn: Active Calories – 726, Total Calories – 2318

Monday, February 29th

I was supposed to go back to the gym this morning with Isaac, but I was literally SO knackered that I just couldn’t fathom even setting the alarm. I messaged Isaac to change the days and took those two extra hours in bed.

Total Daily Burn: Active Calories – 235, Total Calories – 1757

Tuesday, March 1st

Taking yesterday off was the BEST decision ever! I got into the gym this morning, ready and raring to go, and we really smashed some exercises…

10 minute warm up – treadmill


Smith Machine Squats – 50kg x 10, 60kg x 8, 70kg x 6, 80kg x 4

Leg Extension – 50kg x 10, 55kg x 8, 60kg x 6, 65kg x 4

Hamstring Curl – 12kg x 10, 14kg x 8, 16kg x 6, 18kg x 4

Cable Kickback – 12kg x 10, 14kg x 8, 14kg x 6, 18kg x 4

Smith Machine Calf Raise – 60kg x 10, 70kg x 8, 80kg x 6, 100kg x 4


Seated Dumbell Shoulder Press – 12kg x 10, 14kg x 8, 16kg x 6, 18kg x 4

Upright Barbell Row – 27kg x 10, 29.5kg x 8, 32kg x 6, 34.5kg x 4

Single Arm Front Delt Press – 10kg x 10, 12kg x 8, 12kg x 6, 14kg x 4

Rear Delt Dumbell Fly – 6kg x 10, 8kg x 8, 8kg x 8, 10kg x 6


Tricep Dumbell Kick Back – 6kg x 10, 8kg x 8, 10kg x 6, 12kg x 4

Cable Tricep Pull Down – 12kg x 10, 14kg x 8, 16kg x 6, 18kg x 4

Body Weight Dips – 4 x 10

Bench Dips – bodyweight x 10, 5kg x 10, 10kg x 10, 15kg x 10, 20kg x 10

Active Calories – 361, Total Calories – 491, Average HR – 101

Such a good session!! I was really happy to pick up some heavy weights and smash them out! I know we didn’t move one to the new exercises this week (the equipment wasn’t ready) but I was happy to see that I could lift heavier!

Total Daily Burn: Active Calories – 572, Total Calories – 2105

Wednesday, March 2nd

Today was another rest day for me. I know, right?! Lovely to have a lie in and really concentrate on my work for the day.

Total Daily Burn: Active Calories – 284, Total Calories – 1779

Thursday, March 3rd


Close Grip Lat Pull Down – 35kg x 10, 40kg x 8, 45kg x 6, 50kg x 4

Seated Row – 25kg x 10, 30kg x 8, 35kg x 6, 40kg x 4

Single Arm Dumbell Row – 14kg x 10, 16kg x 8, 18kg x 6, 22kg x 4

Back Extension 20kg – 2×10, 2×8


Single Dumbell Press – 24kg x 10, 26kg x 8, 30kg x 6, 32kg x 4

Incline Dumbell Flys – 10kg x 10, 12kg x 8, 14kg x 6, 16kg x 4

Incline Dumbell Press – 12kg x 10, 14kg x 8, 16kg x 6, 18kg x 4

Cable Press – 9kg each x 10, 10kg x 8, 12kg x 6, 13kg x 4


Standing Cable Bicep Curl – 12kg x 10, 14kg x 8, 16kg x 6, 18kg x 4

Alternate Hammer Curls – 8kg x 10, 10kg x 8, 12kg x 2, 12kg x 6

Seated Incline Dumbell Curl – 8kg x 10, 10kg x 8, 12kg x 6, 12kg x 6

Overhead Bicep Curl (cable) – 4kg x 10, 7kg x 8, 9kg x 6, 10kg x 4

Active Calories – 253, Total Calories – 350, Average HR – 94

I smashed some heavier weights today!!! Even though the last set of the exercises were only 4 reps – it really shows that I can lift SO much heavier than what I thought I could! I was well impressed with myself lol!

Total Daily Burn: Active Calories – 554, Total Calories – 2094

Friday, March 4th

Cardio and abs day – probably my least favourite of the week (until it’s over!!)


30 minutes – 2.5mins @ 7.5km/h, 2.5mins @ 12.8km/h

Active Calories – 177, Total Calories – 216, Average HR – 154

Circuit – Repeat x 3

Spider Push Ups x 30

Reverse Crunch x 20

Toe Touches x 30

Bicycle Crunch x 40

Windmills x 20

Ab Roller x 20

Cable Crunches 40kg x 30

Oblique Crunch x 30 each side

Active Calories – ??, Total Calories – ??, Average HR – ??

So I totally forgot to start a new workout when we went into the abs session. Grrrrrr!!!

Total Daily Burn at 6pm: Active Calories – 468, Total Calories – 1968

Week 9 Recap…

Though week 9 didn’t start off to well exercise-wise, I still got in all of my PT workouts and a ride around the F1 track. I’m getting a bit disappointed that I’m not seeing the changes that I would have thought I’d see working with a personal trainer, but all I can do is wait until the end of the month and see whether this month has been any better.

Hopefully next week we will be moving into the new workouts and I’ll shock my body again!

Tiff xxx

Thanks for reading this weeks #ThePTDiaries 🙂

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