The PT Diaries…Week 8

Saturday, February 20th

The last day in Dubai today, which meant a pretty long and tiring drive back. A well earned rest day for me 🙂

Total Daily Burn: Active Calories – 196, Total Calories – 1685

Sunday, February 21st

5 minute warm up – treadmill


Smith Machine Squats – 45kg x 12, 55kg x 10, 60kg x 8, 65kg x 6 

(increased weight 5kg)

Leg Extension – 40kg x 12, 50kg x 10, 55kg x 8, 60kg x 6 

(increased weight 5kg)

Cable Kickback – 9kg x 12, 12kg x 10, 14kg x 8, 14kg x 8

Smith Machine Calf Raise – 40kg x 15, 50kg x 15, 60kg x 15, 70kg x 14

(increased reps)


Seated Dumbell Shoulder Press – 10kg x 12, 12kg x 10, 14kg x 8, 16kg x 6

Upright Barbell Row – 22kg x 12, 27kg x 10, 29.5kg x 8, 32kg x 6

Single Arm Front Delt Press – 10kg x 12, 12kg x 10, 12kg x 8, 12kg x 6

(increased reps)

Bent Over Dumbell Fly – 6kg x 12, 8kg x 10, 10kg x 8, 12kg x 6

(increased weight 2kg)


Tricep Dumbell Kick Back – 4kg x 12, 6kg x 10, 8kg x 8, 10g x 6

Cable Tricep Pull Down – 14kg x 12, 16kg x 10, 18kg x 8, 20kg x 6

(increase weight)

Body Weight Dips x 12, x12, x 10, x 10

(increased reps)

French Press/Skullcrushers – 17kg x 12, 19.5kg x 10, 22kg x 8, 24.5kg x 6

Active Calories – 388, Total Calories – 517, Average HR – 104

The workout felt good today! I managed to add some weight and reps across the board which is great, but me being me, I am getting bored with these exercises now. It’s week 8 so I know we are going on to something new which is fab!

Evening Update: I had to make sure I did some choreography when I got home so that I don’t forget it – another little workout of 261 Calories with an average HR of 130!

Total Daily Burn: Active Calories – 982, Total Calories – 2570

Monday, February 22nd

With the switch around of my workouts this week, I managed to have a little bit of a lay in (until 6:45am – ooosh) and then get up and head to work for the day.

I’ll be honest I was happy for it because at the moment, everything is just taking it out of me. Fortunately I plan all of my PT sessions in the mornings, which means I have no choice but to go and get it done, but once afternoon hits I am just ready to go to sleep! I don’t eat any high GI foods really, so I know it’s not my blood sugar levels spiking and then dropping, but I do know that I was supposed to do some more choreography today and I didn’t. *sad face*

Total Daily Burn: Active Calories – 293, Total Calories – 1829

Tuesday, February 23rd

I went to sleep tired, and slept terribly (as always) so waking up was a bit of a struggle. Once I’m up I’m okay though – so off to the gym I went!


Close Grip Lat Pull Down – 30kg x 12, 35kg x 10, 40kg x 8, 45kg x 6

Seated Row – 20kg x 12, 25kg x 10, 30kg x 8, 35kg x 6

Single Arm Dumbell Row – 14kg x 12, 16kg x 10, 18kg x 8, 20kg x 6

(increased weight 2kg)

Back Extension – 10kg x 12, 20kg x 10, 20kg x 10, 20kg x 10

(increased reps)


Single Dumbell Press – 22kg x 12, 24kg x 10, 26kg x 8, 28kg x 6

Incline Dumbell Flys – 8kg x 12, 10kg x 10, 12kg x 8, 14kg x 6

Incline Dumbell Press – 10kg x 12, 12kg x 10, 16kg x 8, 16kg x 6

(increased weight)

Cable Press – 14kg x 12, 18kg x 10, 22kg x 8, 24kg x 6

(increased weight 4kg)


Standing Cable Bicep Curl – 10kg x 12, 12kg x 10, 14kg x 8, 16kg x 6

Alternate Hammer Curls – 8kg x 12, 10kg x 10, 12kg x 8, 14kg x 6

(increased weight 2kg)

Seated Incline Dumbell Curl – 10kg x 12, 10kg x 10, 10kg x 10, 12kg x 6

(increased weight/reps)

Overhead Bicep Curl (cable) – 4kg x 12, 7kg x 10, 7kg x 8, 9kg x 6

Active Calories – 307, Total Calories – 417, Average HR – 98

I felt really ‘meh’ going into the session, and the first part of the back exercises felt difficult – but once I got in my stride I was increasing sets and reps all over the place! It’s funny how a workout can change.

Remember: improvements in your workout can come in many ways. Progress can be seen in the amount of reps you do, if you add on weight, or even if your form gets better. It’s all progress, so if you aren’t going up in weight week after week, have a look an see what else you are doing to improve!

Total Daily Burn: Active Calories – 560, Total Calories – 2082

Wednesday, February 24th

Cardio and abs day – probably my least favourite of the week (until it’s over!!)


30 minutes – 2.5mins @ 6.5km/h, 2.5mins @ 11.5km/h

Active Calories – 245, Total Calories – 290, Average HR – 146

Circuit – Repeat x 3

Spider Push Ups x 30

Reverse Crunch x 25

Toe Touches x 30

Bicycle Crunch x 40

Windmills x 20

Ab Roller x 20

Cable Crunches 40kg x 30

Oblique Crunch x 30 each side

Active Calories – 189, Total Calories – 232, Average HR – 130

Oh my giddy aunt that was hard. Like – really hard! I had to push reallllly hard to get through both sections of the work out! But we managed it and ended the 8th week of The PT Diaries on a high! I looked in the mirror after today’s session and actually felt good about my body – it’s just a shame that I am completely bricking it with tomorrows weigh-in…

Total Daily Burn: Active Calories – 517, Total Calories – 1196 (I don’t think that’s quite right lol)

Thursday, February 11th

Today is a day of rest from the gym. Partly because I am freakin’ knackered – but mainly because I have so much damn stuff to do its UNREAL! I’ve been planning a huge surprise for Matt since November – and finally it’s all coming together today! His best friends are flying out from the UK to surprise him and stay for the weekend!!

Evening Update: This has literally been the most stressful week of my life! I am writing this sat in the arrivals lounge at the airport, my heart is pounding (probably from the coffee I accidentally ordered) and I literally feel so sick-nervous, I just want to cry! What a weird day I’m having…

Total Daily Burn: Active Calories – 417, Total Calories – 1238

My apple watch was reset halfway through the day so I missed out on some!

Friday, February 12th

It’s BRUNCH DAY!! ‘Nuff said

Week 8 Recap…

Week 8 has been good! We’ve got through the 2nd month of workouts with PT Isaac, did my monthly Body Composition test and saw some results! Next week – COME AT ME!!!

Tiff xxx

Thanks for reading this weeks #ThePTDiaries 🙂

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