Body Update: March

I always write the first section of these updates the night before I step on the scales, take my measurements and get on the body comp machine in my once-monthly event. It’s just become a habit – I can reflect on how I think the past month has gone honestly before I know the ‘real’ truth.

My goals from last month were simple; up the exercise and work harder. I did what I promised and switched my workout days, meaning I got to go down to the Formula 1 track and train much more than before. I ended up running THREE 10k’s this month (which is a lot for me), a 5k and a shorter run when I was in Dubai for the weekend – this was on top of my 3-times-a-week PT sessions, PLUS any extras that got thrown my way (mainly learning choreography!)

I also switched up my macros as promised – lowering my carbs and calorie intake on non-workout days, and generally lowering carbs and upping fat levels on other days. I haven’t taken a cut in calories because I don’t think that’s the answer – I just need to understand the right balance of macros that work for me.

What I’ve also done is mark on my calendar every day since the last weigh in; a tick when I’ve had a good day nutritionally, and a cross when it’s been a not-so-good day. For the past 25 days, I’ve had 4 days where my macros weren’t on point. One day a week. That means that 85% of the time, I have been pretty spot on.

With all of that said – it’s time to see where we are at with the numbers….

Weights and Measurements

Table 2016

So this isn’t too bad! I’ve lost some inches, lost some weight, and lost some body fat too. I actually laughed when it came out as 19% on the dot, as my goal was to get 18-point-something and it was just bloody typical that it wouldn’t just give me that 0.1 percent. The only thing I am a little concerned about is the fact that my muscle mass is dropping every month (even though I am throwing heavier weights around) – but I think I know what I am going to do about that.

Table All Time

And there’s the first set of measurements I ever took, back in November 2014…

From the Beginning…

Weight – 11lbs (5kg)

Waist – 3 inches

Belly Button – 4 inches

Belly – 4.5 inches

Thigh – 1.5 inches

That’s 13 inches in total lost since the very beginning

Progress Photos…

Jan - Feb

With the slight decrease in body fat, it has led to me getting some more definition. I can see that my shoulders are rounding out and my abs have a bit more definition. My obliques have always been a bit prominent, but it’s good to see a bit more definition in the central area…

Photo 2-25-16, 5 38 17 AM

Obviously SO much has changed since the first photo! From top to bottom you can see the differences!

Take progress photos – whatever you do!! It’s where you’ll see the most changes!


March Plans…

Looking ahead into March, I really want to be super focused on my goals. I want to hit the lower half of 18% body fat. 

It’s not a goal that isn’t reachable. This article over on Live Strong suggests that a plan can be made to lose up to 1% of body fat per month. I’m only asking for 1/2 of that, so it’s definitely attainable in my books!

How am I going to do it?? 

Nutrition: The current macros that I am on has led me to lose o.4% body fat this month. There have been a couple of off-days as you read at the beginning of this post, and so I am going to stick with the plan that I put myself on to see where it will take me this month:

WORKOUT DAY – 1700 Cals -170g Protein / 147g Carbs / 48g Fat

REST DAY – 1485 Cals – 150g Protein / 120g Carbs / 45g Fat

Sometimes is is tough to get all of my protein in, but I am going to try and plan my food better, get a shake in after working out maybe?! I am also going to look at taking some supplements that will help me to maintain and build muscle, as I keep losing little bits month by month – and I don’t want that!!! My body type means that it is difficult for me to grow muscle – but I am going to bloody well try!

Exercise: I will now be starting month three with my Personal Trainer, Isaac over at Le Meridien Abu Dhabi. We are going to switch up the workouts; I think we are going to get some more functional fitness in there, some HIIT with ropes etc and we’ll see how the last four weeks go. I’ll obviously keep you all updated on that in The PT Diaries.

On top of that I really want to get back into some of those exercises that I love doing but just haven’t done in the last month. Body Combat classes being one of them. I haven’t hit up a Les Mills class in FOREVER and I really enjoy them, so I am going to make sure I get some in. I also want to get my bike fixed so I can head to the F1 track and do some laps with Matt

I’m not upset by this months progress (and that’s progress in itself lol) but I am definitely ready to push to make sure that I reach my goal by the end of March…


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  2. Awesome work! I started my own fitness journey 4 months ago (… Again!) It’s tough work but as soon as you power past that 3 month mark everything just becomes a habit. Keep up the good work, interesting read 🙂


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