The PT Diaries…Week 5

So, after my monthly body update, I’ve come to the realization that I am just not doing enough to reach my goals. In all honesty, I thought that I did really well in January, the only off-plan time was when we visited the UK for one weekend. I was sticking to my macros and completing a minimum of 4 workouts a week (3 of them with a Personal Trainer), but I guess that just isn’t enough.

So, with a change around of my macros and a change around of my workout days, we are now heading into Week 5 of The PT Diaries…

Saturday, January 30th

I had quite a restful weekend to be fair. A lazy day with Matt on Friday, with a nice massage and CRYOtherapy session, and then today has been all about menu planning, food shopping and prep for the week. It’s only taken 2 hours out of my life to have mine and Matt’s lunches all prepared and some yummy Sweet Potato Protein Brownies made, so if I can do it – YOU can do it!

Sunday, January 31st

So, with the switch-around of my workout days, I have freed up Sundays to head down to Yas Marina Circuit to get some cardio in.

One lap around the track – 5.8km in 32.55mins – but annoyingly the heart rate monitor on my Apple Watch didn’t work properly, so the below is Strava’s estimate of my cal burn:

Active Calories – 440

Monday, January 4th

Back into it with PT Isaac at Le Meridien Abu Dhabi. Mondays are now Legs, Shoulders & Triceps…

10 minute warm up – treadmill


Warm Up – Straight Leg Dead Lift x 10

Smith Machine Squats – 40kg x 10, 50kg x 8, 50kg x 6, 55kg x 6

Leg Extension – 30kg x 10, 40kg x 8, 45kg x 8, 50kg x 6 

Lying Hamstring Curl – 30kg x 12, 35kg x 10, 40kg x 8, 40kg x 8

Standing Dumbell Calf Raise – 14kg x 12, 16kg x 10, 18kg x 8, 20kg x 8


Seated Dumbell Shoulder Press – 10kg x 12, 12kg x 10, 12kg x 8, 14kg x 6

Upright Barbell Row – 22kg x 12, 27kg x 10, 27kg x 8, 29.5kg x 8

Single Arm Front Delt Press – 10kg x 12, 10kg x 10, 10kg x 8, 12kg x 6

Bent Over Dumbell Fly – 6kg x 12, 6kg x 10, 6kg x 8, 8kg x 6


Tricep Dumbell Kick Back – 4kg x 12, 6kg x 10, 8kg x 8, 10g x 6

Cable Tricep Pull Down – 12kg x 12, 14kg x 10, 16kg x 8, 18kg x 6

Body Weight Dips x 10, x 8, x 6, x 6

French Press/Skullcrushers – 17kg x 12, 19.5kg x 10, 22kg x 8, 24kg x 6

Active Calories – 352, Total Calories – 469, Average HR – 103

Tuesday, January 5th

With the switch around of workout days, I am now able to go to the track on Tuesdays, and during February they are opening from 5-8am instead of in the evenings…so I had a nice sunrise run today!

I managed 2 laps of the track, equaling 11.4km in 62.57 minutes – not too shabby. I hit a couple of personal records as well – my fastest run of the whole track and my fastest 5k…ooooosh!!

Active Calories – 860 (by Strava), Average HR – 160

Wednesday, January 6th

Wednesdays have turned into Back, Chest & Biceps Day


Close Grip Lat Pull Down – 25kg x 12, 30kg x 10, 35kg x 8, 40kg x 6

Seated Row – 15kg x 12, 20kg x 10, 25kg x 8, 30kg x 6

Single Arm Dumbell Row – 10kg x 12, 12kg x 10, 14kg x 8, 16kg x 6

Back Extension/Pull-Over – 10kg x 12, 10kg x 10, 20kg x 8, 20kg x 6


Single Dumbell Press – 18kg x 12, 20kg x 10, 22kg x 8, 24kg x 6

Incline Dumbell Flys – 6kg x 12, 8kg x 10, 10kg x 8, 12kg x 6

Incline Dumbell Press – 8kg x 12, 10kg x 10, 12kg x 8, 14kg x 6

Cable Press – 5kg x 12, 7kg x 10, 8kg x 8, 8kg x 6


Standing Cable Bicep Curl – 10kg x 12, 12kg x 10, 14kg x 8, 18kg x 6

Alternate Hammer Curls – 6kg x 12, 8kg x 10, 10kg x 8, 12kg x 6

Seated Incline Dumbell Curl – 4kg x 12, 6kg x 10, 8kg x 8, 10kg x 6

Overhead Bicep Curl (cable) – 5kg x 12, 6kg x 10, 7kg x 8, 8kg x 6

Active Calories – 338, Total Calories – 453, Average HR – 104

Thursday, January 7th

I had to be in Dubai super early today, so I asked Isaac to bring our session forward to 6am. Unfortunately we had to skip the cardio – but we managed to get through 3 rounds of the ab circuit:

Circuit – Repeat x 3

Spider Push Ups x 20

Reverse Crunch x 30

Toe Touches x 30

Leg-Raised Crunches x 20

Windmills x 20

Cable Crunches 30kg x 30

Ab Roller x 20

Oblique Crunch x 30 each side

Active Calories – 164, Total Calories – 220, Average HR – 103

We’ll definitely get more done next week when I have the time for a full session! But the ab circuit was an absolute killer – even Isaac struggled alongside me!

Friday, January 8th

Day off today! I’m in Dubai doing some training, so I have had some active sessions throughout the day. Some serious Ab pains happening right now though!!!

Week 5 Recap…

I’m really glad that I’ve added in some extra exercises to help me on my way to reducing my body fat. I think I just need to make sure that I work harder to get to where I want to be. It’s going to take a tonne of effort from me, along with eating well and planning everything in advance – but it will totally be worth it! Head in the game Tifflaa!!!!

Thanks for reading this weeks #ThePTDiaries 🙂

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