The Healthy Body Kit…

This January, I was lucky enough to receive the very first edition of The Healthy Body Kit to my PO Box.


What is the Healthy Body Kit? 

The Healthy Body Kit is a monthly subscription for women like us who are interested in Health, Fitness & Organic Skin Care. It’s a fully body approach to health & well-being.

Not only does the box get delivered to your front door every month, there’s a HUGE online portal ‘A Healthier You’ to delve in to, which includes fitness plans, recipes and discounts from the amazing brands included in the box that month!

What’s in the box?

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Buff Bake is incredible protein peanut butter made with no added sugar, salt – and it’s totally gluten free! 11g of protein in 2 tablespoons, it’s a winner for me!

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A great little nutritional boost for a girl on the go! High protein, fibre & omega 3 – I used this to top my proats for some extra crunch at breakfast time

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Performance Greens are a nutrient rich blend of alkaline fruit and vegetable extracts (14 to be exact!!) proved to aid performance AND recovery. It’s naturally sweetened with Stevia, and given a lime taste for extra yumminess.

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This Terre Verdi facial serum has organic argan and pomegranate oils that bring vitamins and antioxidants naturally to the skin. Mmmm, nice! It smells yummy too!

If you sign up to the 6 month plan, The Healthy Body Kit is only £9.99 – and remember you also get that all important membership to ‘A Healthier You’ including a recipe page with a few of my own contributions!

If you fancy signing up to The Healthy Body Kit, you can start with just one month here, or you can get some more info on just how it works here.

I think this is a great little thing! It’s opened my eyes to different brands that out there, and made me want to try different things that are available. Give it a go – I think you’ll like it!

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  1. Just going through your Blog, I have been on a fitness journey myself a few years back but I guess I didn’t have enough motivation to go on, since i have quite an average weight.. However, since summer 2015 it has gone through some sudden changes and I am starting to worry, but still haven’t done much about it :\ Going through your blog has some sort of motivational impact. Specially now that I am planning on going on a vegetarian diet for rather “environmental” and “humane” reasons, and also health. I just want to know if this Health Body kit gets delivered to UAE since they’re UK based?


    1. Hey!
      Thanks for your lovely comments!

      The healthy body kit isn’t available in the UAE, but there are plenty of stores where you can purchase these kind of items. Health food stores like Holland and Barratt or Dr Nutrition

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