Body Update: February

This month has been really really good. I’ve actually enjoyed my workouts with a PT, felt really strong about my nutrition (apart from that little break to the UK) and I’ve seen some changes physically in the mirror. But then I stepped on a body composition machine…

Weights and Measurements

Graph 1

To say that I was shocked with the lack of loss in body fat this month is really an understatement. Tears were shed (big style) and I actually got a bit angry if I’m honest. I know how hard I have tried this month to stick to my macros and work my hardest in the PT sessions – I HIRED A PERSONAL TRAINER for christs sake! Nobody I know has actually hired professional help and not seen drastic changes. Thank GOD for the measurements I took, because if there was no change there I may have had a full on meltdown. A couple of inches off the bod – which is fab. I’ve also taken some new measurements of chest and hips so I can start comparing my whole body measurements throughout 2016.

From the Beginning…


Weight -9lbs

Waist -2.5 inches

Belly Button -4 inches

Belly -4 inches

Thigh -1.5 inches

That’s 12 inches in total

Progress Photos…

Dec - Jan Writing.png

You can see that the inch or so off of my stomach area has given me a touch more definition, but obviously that’s only minimal considering my entire weight loss for the past month was around 0.6kg (half of that from muscle mass and half from fat mass). There was probably better lighting in the room this time around tbh lol!!

Photo 1-30-16, 2 16 52 PM.jpg

I do know that I have come a long way since I started my journey – but I also know that I am in a MASSIVE plateau that I can’t wait to get out of!

February Plans…

I was really upset when I saw the results of the past month, because I feel like I have worked so hard to keep my exercise and nutrition on point. I had all kind of thoughts running through my head, the first obviously being ‘aaahh I’m just going to pack it all in’. 

But that’s not who I am. Not really.

I know now that I have to work harder and be better if I want to reach my goals. I need to up my game and stay focused if this is going to work.

I’ve already made plans with my Personal Trainer to switch the days that I workout on, so that I can fit in some extra workouts at Yas Marina Circuit. I used to do my PT Sessions on Sundays, Tuesdays & Thursdays – but now I will be doing Monday, Wednesdays & Thursdays and heading to the track on Sundays & Tuesdays.

I’m also going to have a play with my macros because maybe something needs to change there. Unfortunately, Simone didn’t get back to me regarding switching up my macros for workout and non-workout days, so I am going to give it a go myself. My plan is to reduce my carbs and up my fats slightly across the board, and then lower my carbs on non-workout days so I am not over-indulging on the unnecessary calories. You’ll see the changes on next weeks Food Diary, so keep watch 🙂

Fingers crossed for more of a change next month!


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