The PT Diaries…Week 4

Here’s my roundup of week 4 with PT Isaac at Le Meridien Abu Dhabi….

Saturday, January 23rd

Rest Day for me. This weekend, we surprised my family in the UK, and today we crashed my best friends bridesmaid dress shopping! We are now at Matts family for the rest of the weekend – so super busy!

Sunday, January 24th

Though we are still in the UK, I made sure that I got up this morning to do a little run. 5.5km later and I’m feeling good. Now I’ll probably spend the rest of my day ruining that with a yummy roast dinner and wine 🙂

Evening Update: That’s EXACTLY what happened! Plus cake lol

Monday, January 25th

It was a travelling day for me and Matt today. We left his parents house at 5am, straight to Heathrow and then got into our apartment just after 10pm tonight. Sleepy time for us…

Tuesday, January 26th

10 minute warm up – treadmill

Assisted Pull Ups – 20kg x 12, 15kg x 10, 15kg x 6

Side Lunge to Knee Up 5kg – 3×15 each side

Punch Bag Pick Up – 3×15

Decline Russian Twists 10kg – 4×20 each side (increased 1 set)

Drop Push Up to Commandos – 3×10

Bench Step Up to Reverse Lunge 5kg – 3×10 each side

Double Split Lunge to Squat to Overhead Press 8kg – 3×10

Donkey Kicks – 3×20 each side

Burpees – 3×10

Active Calories – 453, Total Calories – 558, Average HR – 126bpm

Slightly less calories burned and a slightly lower average heart rate throughout the workout. Does this mean it’s getting easier?! I thought I was going to go into this mornings session and really suck at it considering I am completely knackered from the weekend trip to the UK – but we got through it – quite well actually!

Wednesday, January 27th

Phewww! No lie-ins for me this week. Straight back into our 2nd session:

10 minute warm up – treadmill

Lateral Pull Downs 20kg – 3×20, superset with… Cable Lateral Pull Downs 12kg – 3×20

Incline Chest Press 8kg – 3×20, superset with… Dumbbell Flys 4kg – 3×20

Seated Shoulder Press 8kg – 3×20, superset with… Lateral Raises 4kg – 3×20

Sumo Squats 16kg – 3×20, superset with… Leg Extension 20kg – 3×20

Cable Tricep Pull Down 9kg – 3×20, superset with… Reverse Cable Tricep Push 9kg – 3×20


Lying Bicep Cable Curls 9kg – 3×20

Alternate Hammer Curls 6kg – 3×15 each arm

Active Calories – 396, Total Calories – 377, Average HR – 114bpm

This session was almost 100 calories up on last weeks session – phewieeee!! I was super warm throughout, so I think the air con in the gym was playing up, but if it helped me burn a few more calories then that’s absolutely fine 🙂

Evening Update: Tonight I went to my first CRYOtherapy session, which is pretty much an ice chamber exposing my body to -140 degrees celcius to help aid recovery (among many other things) and it really helped my DOMS which was just setting in! It also knocked me for six, but promised to help me sleep better tonight – so, we’ll see!!

Thursday, January 28th

I certainly did sleep better last night… meaning I definitely did not want to get out of bed this morning! But no rest for the wicked – off to Le Meridien I went…

Circuit – Repeat x 3

10 minute run – 10km/h

Decline Crunches – 10kg x 30 (increased by 10)

Ab Roller x 20

V-Ups on Bench x 20

Standing Oblique Twist – 10kg x 30 each side

Russian Twist – 10kg x 20 each side

Back Extension – 10kg x 25 (increased by 5)


Plank 1 Minute x 3

Oblique Crunches x 20 each side – 3 sets

Active Calories – 466, Total Calories – 567, Average HR – 133bpm 

I knew that I wouldn’t be able to get through 4 rounds like we did last week, but I am still impressed that I got through the three!! Doing my 3 days of workouts one after the other was definitely grueling, but totally achievable when I have the right mindset.

Today I’ve got my second CRYOtherapy session – and I’m really looking forward to it helping with any kinds of aches and pains that I will be suffering from 3 days of intense workouts!

Friday, January 29th

A lovely little rest day for moi! I want to be ready for the start of a new month of personal training, and so I booked up one of my whole body massages which is included in the Body Revolution Package.

I’ve never had a massage before, so I was actually pretty nervous I guess. But it was actually really nice, she proper went in on my shoulders and back (which was totally needed) and so hopefully I’ll be all limbered up for the beginning of month 2/week 5 of my personal training sessions.

Week 4 Recap…

I can’t believe that we are at the end of week 4 already!! That’s one month down, and two months left to go on the PT plan that I am on. Tomorrow I will be having my weights and measurements done, to see what changes we have managed to make in our first four weeks. I’m excited and nervous and I don’t really know what to expect! Keep your fingers (and toes) crossed for me!!!

Thanks for reading #ThePTDiaries 🙂

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