A Month with The Apple Watch…

I love a gadget – and so ever since the Apple Watch hit the shelves, I knew I kinda needed one, but I didn’t really know why.

Until now!

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Matt had (obviously) bought an Apple Watch as soon as they were released, and I gazed longingly at his until Christmas Day 2015 when I opened my very own. The 38mm Space Black Stainless Steel, with sapphire crystal casing & a black sport band. What a beaut!!

Standard for me, I took my time going through all of the settings and turning on the notifications I thought I wanted, turning off the notifications that I didn’t think I needed, and tweaking everything to make it just right. I didn’t really know what I’d use most, but after a month of constant use, I wanted to let you know what I think…

The Apps…

The Apple Watch naturally downloads all of the apps from your iPhone that are compatible (unless you turn off the setting) so right from the get-go everything was right there on my wrist. I’m still learning to use my watch rather than dig out my phone for some functions, but there are a couple that I’ve seamlessly moved over to:

Wunderlist: Being the super-organised, list-making weirdo that I am, I LOVED finding out about Wunderlist and all of it’s loveliness first time around (sharing to-do lists with other people – amazing!) and so when I saw it on The Apple Watch, I might have yay’d a little. Perfect for the weekly food shop, I’m able to wander around the supermarket and just tap away on my wrist to remove the items one by one. #GeekAlert

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Workout: Since getting my iPhone a couple of months back, I hadn’t really used the health app at all, but since having this handy heart rate monitor on my wrist and starting my PT sessions, I’ve use it to track my workouts from beginning to end, and sync it up to Strava/My Fitness Pal. I love how it shows active calories and total calories burned in a session, along with my average heart rate throughout. Ideal if you want to stay in that ‘fat burning zone’

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Messages: Between iMessage and WhatsApp, my phone is constantly buzzing at me…but having the Apple Watch makes it SO much easier to quickly determine whether I need to pick up my phone or not. A couple of weeks in I figured out how to edit some of the auto responses – so now I can write basic replies from my wrist too! I did feel like a bit of a lemon when dictating a response though…so I don’t think I’ll be doing an awful lot of that!

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Strava: How easy is it just to click ‘Start’ on your watch and Strava starts logging..? Answer: VERY easy!! Being able to see average speed, distance covered and current heart rate all on my wrist is an AWESOME addition to my rides. I ran a 10k around Yas Marina Circuit this month as well, and it was really great to be able to check my pace and adjust accordingly.

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The Notifications…

Being tapped on the wrist does feel a little strange for the first week or so, but something that I quickly got used to. I did realise that there were a few notifications that I didn’t need coming up on my wrist, so here’s a little list of the ones I’ve turned off:

Bloglovin: Though a great app for reading blogs, having a new blog alert coming up on my Watch was pretty pointless. I like taking my time reading blogs on a proper screen – so I do that when I have some time to sit down with a cuppa.

LinkedIn: Nothing on LinkedIn is that important that I need it coming up on my wrist! My phone still sits on my desk at work – so I’ll see it pop up if it’s urgent.

My Fitness Pal: Though it is my favourite app ever, I’ll wait for them to upgrade the watch app so that I can see my remaining macros on my watch face.

YouTube: The same with Bloglovin’ above…I’m not able to watch the videos on my wrist, so I’ll catch up with YouTube using the Apple TV we have at home.

Activity: Uh-oh! Me, That Fitness Journey, turning off a notification from a FITNESS APP?! I’ll be honest, even when I had my Jawbone UP I ended up hating the constant notifications telling me that I hadn’t got up and walked around in that particular hour. Maybe I’m concentrating on work…or maybe I’m having a sofa weekend day…I know if I’m being lazy, and I probably have a good reason for doing so. It makes me feel guilty anyways…

The Apple Watch as A Fitness Tracker…

Considering all of the apps sync amazingly well.. I think that the Apple Watch is a great fitness tracker! If I weigh myself using my Withings scales, that uploads the data to My Fitness Pal, which syncs with my Health App, which Strava reads from. Woah! The same goes with me logging food, exercises and weights and measurements from my monthly body composition tests. Everything is perfectly in tune.

The only thing that is a little annoying is that I can’t change the exercise goal on the Activity app. It’s set to 30 minutes a day, and that can’t be changed. Saying that though, it is fun to get the ‘you’ve doubled/tripled your exercise goal’ notification every now and then!

The Apple Watch has 1GB storage available for music, so now when I head down to the gym,  I don’t need to carry my phone along with my towel and water bottle. I just turn on my Beats Solo 2 Wireless (review here) and voila! My tunes will play.

I may not have unlocked all of the incredible features available on The Apple Watch – so other watch owners out there will have to let me know what other amazing things I can do with it – but so far I am really happy with it! It keeps me up to date with the things I deem important, doubles up as my fitness buddy, and I can actually read the time without digging around in my handbag for my mobile. And don’t talk to me about Time Travelling to look at my future meetings. Incredible!

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  1. Your watch sounds awesome! I’m a list-maker too, so I love that aspect! Do you know if they have something similar for Android? I switched awhile back, and I really like my Samsung more than my iPhone. 🙂


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