The PT Diaries…Week 3

Week 3 with my first ever Personal Trainer! I wanted to take you through my journey with a PT to show you the ups/downs/bits & bobs from my experiences. Let me know if there’s anything particular you want to know in the comments below….

Saturday, January 9th

Rest Day for me. Wooooo 🙂

Sunday, January 10th

10 minute warm up – treadmill

Assisted Pull Ups – 20kg x 10, 15kg x 8, 10kg x 6

Side Lunge to Knee Up 5kg – 3×15 each side

Punch Bag Pick Up – 3×15

Decline Russian Twists 10kg – 3×20 each side

Drop Push Up to Commandos – 3×10

Bench Step Up to Reverse Lunge 5kg – 3×10 each side

Double Split Lunge to Squat to Overhead Press 8kg – 3×10

Donkey Kicks – 3×20 each side

Burpees – 3×10 (NEW exercise) 

Active Calories – 477, Total Calories – 585, Average HR – 129bpm

Compared to last week, my calorie burn is 100 higher, and my average heart rate has gone up to! We’re moving faster through the exercises and even adding new ones on! I felt so good this morning – really strong – and the results on my Apple Watch really show that!

Evening Update: I only went and ran around the track didn’t I! At the beginning of the month I signed up to the 10k challenge on Strava, and because I was on such a high yesterday, I just thought f-it! So I went and did 2 laps of the track equaling 11.8k. OOOOOOSH!!!!

Monday, January 11th

OK. Achy now. My glutes are killing me and my quads & biceps definitely feel fuller. But I’m still so happy that I smashed yesterday 🙂 Plus, we’re heading out tonight for dinner from Michelin-Star chef Tom Sellers, so yesterdays calorie output will most definitely evened out!

Evening Update: My hips are really giving me some bother! It’s definitely the running that’s done it. Maybe it’s just because I haven’t ran that kind of distance in forever!! Any other ideas??

Tuesday, January 12th

Oh Dear. I went into the session absolutely fine this morning, warmed up, told Isaac that we needed to be strict on the hour today as I had to rush off to a conference…and away we went. But when I sat down to my shoulder presses and started to struggle, I just burst into tears. No.Idea.Why! It was funny because Isaac was just like ‘what happened?’ and I didn’t really have an answer! Oh well – we got over it and smashed out the rest of the session with no problems…

10 minute warm up – treadmill

Lateral Pull Downs 20kg – 3×20, superset with… Cable Lateral Pull Downs 12kg – 3×20 (increased weight 2kg)

Incline Chest Press 8kg – 3×20, superset with… Dumbbell Flys 4kg – 3×20

Seated Shoulder Press 8kg – 3×20 (increased weight 2kg)superset with… Lateral Raises 4kg – 3×20

Sumo Squats 16kg – 3×20, superset with… Leg Extension 20kg – 3×20

Cable Tricep Pull Down 9kg – 3×20, superset with… Reverse Cable Tricep Push 9kg – 3×20

Finisher: Lying Bicep Cable Curls 9kg – 3×20

Active Calories – 306, Total Calories – 397, Average HR – 107bpm

Unfortunately we had to miss out a couple of the exercises because of time constraints – but I don’t think my arms could have coped with any more! Isaac really helped me through this session by really concentrating on what I was doing, counting my reps and really motivating me to get it done. And I needed it today!!

Wednesday, January 13th

No Wednesday lay in for me! Up and at ’em because I won’t be able to do my session tomorrow – so it had to be done today…

Circuit – Repeat x 4 (increased by 1 round)

10 minute run – 10km/h (last round 5 minutes)

Decline Crunches – 10kg x 20 (last round x 31)

Ab Roller x 20 (last round x 28)

V-Ups on Bench x 20 (last round x 25)

Standing Oblique Twist – 10kg x 30 each side (last round 50 each side) 

Russian Twist – 10kg x 20 each side (last round 30 each side)

Back Extension – 10kg x 20 (last round x 25)


Plank 1 Minute x 3 (increased by 1)

Active Calories – 520, Total Calories – 619, Average HR – 142bpm 

I am SO chuffed with that! We absolutely smashed today, and considering I had my mini break-down yesterday, I was worried that I’d be tired today and not want to work through it. But I did – and I’m super happy. Obviously I went to check out the abs afterwards and I’m pretty sure that I can see definite improvements after three weeks with Isaac. EEEEEEK!

Thursday, January 14th

A rest day for me. Abs are stating to feel it too, which is much better than last week when I didn’t feel achy at all.

Friday, January 15th

Woke up and went for a little run! 5.8km and half an hour later and we are done!

Week 3 Recap…

Week 3 of The PT Diaries was really really good. I really enjoyed my workouts with Isaac, we had a good laugh (and a little cry) and we smashed every single session. Next week is week 4 and that means the end of the month. I haven’t been weighing myself ALL month and it’s been super difficult – so I am looking forward to getting a body composition test done and seeing the results of month 1 with my PT Isaac.

Thanks for reading #ThePTDiaries 🙂

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