The PT Diaries…Week 2

Week 2 with my first ever Personal Trainer! I wanted to take you through my journey with a PT to show you the ups/downs/bits & bobs from my experiences. Let me know if there’s anything particular you want to know in the comments below….

Saturday, January 9th

For my weekend workout, me and Matt decided to play a little game of ‘let’s fill in the lines’. We literally just rode around the bottom half of Reem Island, filling the lines on the map! It led toย 30kmย of riding, so not too shabby really!!

Photo 1-12-16, 7 48 35 PM

8:00pm:ย A message from Isaac saying ‘See you at 06:30’. I smiled and showed Matt. That’s some client dedication right there ๐Ÿ™‚

Sunday, January 10th

5 minute warm up – treadmill

Assisted Pull Ups 20kg – 3×12

Side Lunge to Knee Up 5kg – 3×15 each side (increased reps x3)

Punch Bag Pick Up – 3×15 (increased reps x3)

Decline Cruchesย 10kg – 3×20 each side (increased reps x5)

Drop Push Up to Commandos – 3×10

Bench Step Up to Reverse Lunge 5kg – 3×10 each side

Double Split Lunge to Squat to Overhead Press 8kg – 3×10 (increased weight 2kg)

Donkey Kicks – 3×20 each side (increased reps x8)

Active Calories – 393, Total Calories – 480, Average HR – 127bpm

Eeek!! I hadn’t realised that we’d upped so much already until I sat down to write this!! I don’t think Isaac realises either to be fair. Secretly felt a little smug when I completed some of the rounds when Isaac couldn’t – but I am totally aware that he trains more than just me, longer than me, harder than me (but I’m still wanting to keep the smugness for a little while if that’s OK). Oh, and totally still annoyed that my pull-ups aren’t improving! Grrrrrrr

7:30pm:ย Absolutely knackered! I’m going to have to grab a real coffee (I normally have decaf) when I went to get Matt from work. Hopefully it doesn’t make me all juddery like the last one did.

Update: It did…ย 

Monday, January 11th

Ooooh, those glutes. It must be the step ups and side lunges that are killing them. But I’m not complaining at a bit of DOMS. My biceps feel fuller as well – oooosh! Definitely walking around feeling strong today!

Tuesday, January 12th

I needed to be strict on the time I was in the gym today. I told Isaac that I literally hadย one hour and it couldn’t be anymore. So based on that, we decided to super-set the exercises throughout. Each pair of exercises targeting the same muscles were done immediately one after the other, with roughly 30-45 seconds rest between the sets of 2.

10 minute warm up – treadmill

Lateral Pull Downs 20kg – 3×20, superset with… Cable Lateral Pull Downs 10kg –ย 3×20ย 

Incline Chest Press 8kg –ย 3×20, superset with…ย Dumbbell Flys 4kg –ย 3×20

Sumo Squats 16kg – 3×20 (increased weight 4kg), superset with…ย Leg Extension 20kg – 3×20

Leg Finisher: Hamstring Curl 12kg – 3×20

Cable Tricep Pull Down 9kg – 3×20, superset with…ย Reverse Cable Tricep Push 9kg – 3×20

Seated Shoulder Press 6kg each – 3×20,ย superset with…ย Cable Face Pulls 9kg – 3×20

Shoulder Finisher: Lateral Raises 4kg – 3×20

Lying Bicep Cableย Curls 9kg – 3×20

Active Calories – 325, Total Calories – 416, Average HR – 116bpm

Annoyingly, now I’m home and writing everything down I realize that my shoulder and chest press were at 8kg last week and only 6kg today. That’s purely because neither me or Isaac took note of the weights I did last time, and today we went on memory – which proved to fail us! There were improvements made though – last week my 3 sets of each exercise consisted of 20, 18 and then 16 reps. This week we did 3×20 onย everything!ย AWESOME! It was a pretty knackering session, my shoulders burned out and I really felt it. Showed in my Apple Watch data too – my active calories was up along with my average heart rate for the session compared to last week. I love this little gadget!

Wednesday, January 13th

I don’t feel achy today ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I also don’t know why I’m sad about that lol! I think the knowledge of knowing that I didn’t liftย quiteย as much in a couple of my workouts led me to believe that I hadn’t done as well as I could have.

It was nice to sleep for an extra hour this morning though!

Thursday, January 14th

It was pretty easy to get up and go this morning! I just get to the gym and jump on the treadmill to warm up and if Isaac isn’t there yet – he’ll come in and catch up. Today was Abs & Cardio:

Circuit – Repeat x 3

10 minute run – 10km/h (increased 1km/h)

Decline Crunches – 10kg x 20

Ab Roller x 20

V-Ups on Bench x 20

Standing Oblique Twist – 10kg x 30 each side

Russian Twist – 10kg x 20 each side (increased 5kg)

Back Extension – 10kg x 20

ย Finisherย 

Oblique Crunches – 3×10

Plank 1 Minute (x 2)

I was soooo sweaty! Because I knew what we were doing this week, there weren’t any breaks between the exercises and only a minute between each round. I definitely pushed myself as I increased the speed of the treadmill as well.

Active Calories – 455, Total Calories – 540, Average HR – 144bpmย 

Friday, January 15th

Woke up this morning after a lovely lay-in, and looked in the mirror and felt good!! I don’t ache (again) though, which is kinda weird considering how much the ab exercises KILL me during lol! So I’m going to head back down the gym this afternoon and get another workout in, as I probably won’t get one in tomorrow!

Gym update – I went down to Le Meridien to do some cardio and then lay by the pool. I wasn’t particularly in the mood – but I ended up doing around 35-40 minutes of mixed cardio, burning 260 calories!ย Thenย I went laying by the pool ๐Ÿ™‚

Week 2 Recap…

I didn’t really know what to expect from having a personal trainer, but it kinda just feels like having a workout buddy that takes a bit of the control and has all of the workouts written out. Is that right, lol? I hardly even spoke to Isaac during the Thursday session; he was one exercise behind me on the ab circuits and I can’t don’t talk when I run. He had his headphones in too, which naturally cut him off a bit I guess.ย Is that normal? Any other experiences from you guys?

Thanks for reading #ThePTDiaries ๐Ÿ™‚

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