The PT Diaries…Week 1

Hey guys!!! This little feature is going to take you through my journey with my first ever Personal Trainer. I’ve never had one before and I really don’t fully know what to expect, so this will give you guys a little insight to my journey through the next 12 weeks with my personal trainer at Le Meridien Abu Dhabi, Isaac.

Saturday, January 2nd

Nervous. On top of trying to remember everything I could possibly need for the day ahead. So used to the luxury of just going down to the 5th floor, working out and then coming back to get ready for work. Luxury no more…

Sunday, January 3rd

Forgot my work clothes. Ovi. Luckily Matt was able to drop them at concierge for me to pick up after my session, which I was actually feeling nervous about. As soon as Isaac showed up though, everything was perfectly fine. Today’s session was mainly body-weight exercises, to build up my strength for one of my 2016 Goals – The Desert Warrior Challenge.

10 minute warm up – treadmill

Assisted Pull Ups 20kg – 3×10

Side Lunge to Knee Up 5kg – 3×12 each side

Punch Bag Pick Up – 3×12

Decline Russian Twists 10kg – 3×15 each side

Drop Push Up to Commandos – 3×10

Bench Step Up to Reverse Lunge 5kg – 3×10 each side

Double Split Lunge to Squat to Overhead Press 6kg – 3×10

Donkey Kicks – 3×12 each side

Spent the rest of the morning dead at my desk…but impressed that I could actually do drop push ups!!

Active Calories – 471, Average HR – 135bpm

Monday, January 4th

Though my ear/throat infection pretty much took over my day, I really couldn’t ignore the aching in my glutes. Owie!! I do love the way that a new workout or a switch up of routine makes my muscles feel, but I’m a little bit worried about tomorrow – will I get through a weights workout without wimping out??

Tuesday, January 5th

Woke up this morning, feeling fine! My ear/throat is 80% better and it definitely put me in a good mood to smash the next workout with Isaac. What I like is that he is doing the workout with me (with heavier weights, ovi) and this really spurs me on. Maybe this is what having a workout buddy feels like…?

5 minute warm up – treadmill

Wide Lateral Pulls – 15kg x 20, 20kg x 18, 20kg x 16

Cable Lateral Pull Downs 15kg – x20, x18, x16

Incline Chest Press 8kg – x20, x18, x16

Dumbbell Flys 4kg – x20, x18, x16

Sumo Squats – 12kg x 20, 14kg x 18, 16kg x 16

Leg Extension 20kg – x20, x18, x16

Hamstring Curl 25kg – x20, x18, x16

Standing Calf Raises 20kg – 3×20

Cable Tricep Pull Down 10kg – 3×20

Reverse Cable Tricep Push 10kg – 3×20

Single Bicep Curls 4kg – 3×15 each side

Seated Shoulder Press 8kg each – x20, x18, x16

It felt weird doing lighter weights! I actually said ‘I feel so girly’ at one point, but after the sets I realised why I needed to drop the weight.

Active Calories – 299, Average HR – 97bpm

Wednesday, January 6th

Feeling good today! I like not having to wake up at 5:45am every single day, and having a little bit of a lie in! A proper breakfast sets me up for more of a restful day, but I still ended up rushing around tonight getting my bags ready for tomorrow…

Thursday, January 7th

I felt like I could have hit snooze on the alarm this morning, but I’ve disabled that setting so I had no choice than to get up. And of course, as soon as I did, I felt great! I was warned of Cardio & Abs today, so I started off a little bit anxious for what was to come..

Circuit – Repeat x 3

10 minute run – 9km/h

Decline Crunches – 10kg x 30

Ab Roller x 20

V-Ups on Bench x 20

Standing Oblique Twist – 10kg x 30 each side

Russian Twist – 5kg x 20 each side

Back Extension – 10kg x 20


Oblique Crunches – 3×10

Plank 1 Minute

It actually wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be (meaning that I am going to have to go harder next week!) It feels good to have Isaac doing the workouts with me and it really gives me that extra push to get more done!

Active Calories – 437, Average HR – 135bpm 

Update @ 7pm: My upper abs have just started to hurt… tomorrow isn’t going to be fun!!

Friday, January 8th

Oh dear…AAAAAAALLLLLLLL of the abs are hurting. All of them!!! Okay, well mainly the upper abs (damn those roll outs) but I definitely have some tightness on the bottom as well. Moving slowly today me thinks!!

Week 1 Recap…

I’ve really enjoyed the first week of my training with Isaac at Le Meridien Abu Dhabi. It’s been really good to do some more new exercises, feel those aches and really push myself. I’m getting a bit itchy because I’m not weighing/measuring myself until the end of the month, but I really hope that I see some decent changes – as my nutrition has been on point so far!

Sorry there hasn’t been any photo’s/vidoe’s – I’ll definitely work on getting some in the sessions this week if I can (to be honest, we are working solidly from start to finish so I don’t know how easy it’s going to be!)

I’ll be doing more posts on how I chose my PT, the processes and everything else, but let me know below if there is anything particular you’d like to know about!!

Thanks for reading #ThePTDiaries 🙂

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  1. OMG girl you are killing it! Can totally relate to your Tuesday feels- I worked my butt off to over time increase my weights but since travelling to the states I’ve had to drop the weights and increase the reps to work as my cardio and girl do I know that “girly” feel. I just wanna throw weights!! But stuck with it!! You’ve got this! Let me know how your macros are going- more than happy to help! Love following your fitness journey and I only hope that one day we can meet up for a killer training session and a huge protein shake 👍🏽


    1. Hey!! Thanks so much for your comment Simone 🙂 I think the macros are going well, I’ve done really good with my fats this week! Takes an awful lot of watching and changing the way I cook things to eliminate oils etc but I’m getting there! Week one of the PT and I felt particularly hungry on Sunday after that monster workout, but I am just going to shuffle around my meals/snacks so I eat more during the day and less in the evening to combat it this week. We shall see how it goes. Thank you – and I hope we can meet up some day too!!! xxxx

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