My Fave Fitness Apps (2016)

I wrote a post back in 2015 which listed my favourite fitness apps that I use every single day. Now, after a move to a different country, a move to a different phone (hello IPhone 6s) and progression through different exercise regimes, I thought it was about time for an update….!

My Fitness Pal

 Still an absolute firm favourite with me, and going Premium was the best thing I ever did!! If you’re new to the whole idea of food logging, this pretty much does all of the work for you. You can scan the bar code of what you’re eating, or if you are being super-good and not eating packaged foods, then you can easily search for the item in the massive library of food items. Eating out? Not a problem! Most chain restaurants have their meals uploaded to My Fitness Pal, ready for you to select and add to your day.

You can set yourself calorie & macro goals, and if you do take the premium-plunge, then you can change these for different days. Incredible!!

You can easily create meals and recipes on My Fitness Pal, making it super easy to add in your favourite dishes. Team that with the pairing abilities for other fitness apps, and you’ve got yourself an all-round winner!

Best For: Calorie/Macro Counting, Food Awareness, Accountability

Find me on My Fitness Pal here


Being pretty new to the cycling scene, I used to only use Strava for running – and that was pretty rarely considering we lived in the UK. Now we live in a city where we can run or cycle around the Formula 1 track three times weekly if we wanted, and the weather is pretty much always awesome, I’d say my Strava has had a bit of a beating!

(We do actually live on an island, not in the middle of the sea lol)

Though I haven’t taken the premium-plunge on this one, Matt has, and he absolutely LOVES it. His top 3 highlights:

– Goal Setting. As you can see, I have a zero goal, but only because I’m unable to set one. Matt has been able to set his yearly riding goal, and can break this down into weekly goals too. This means Strava will continuously update you on where you are at, compared to where you want to be. Nice!

– Training Plans. Planning on doing a Gran Fondo or a half marathon? Then Strava has some amazing training plans based on how many weeks you want to train for, intensity and fitness levels. What’s better than not having to create your own plan?

– Suffer Score. Yep – this sounds as hardcore as it is. Strava, linked to any heart rate monitor, will give you a score based on how long you stay in different training zones. All figured out by using percentages of your maximum heart rate, the harder you work, the higher your Suffer Score.

Even though I’m not on premium, I love using Strava to keep a log of my outdoor training. I’ve got a couple of ‘Queen of the Mountain’s’ under my belt (#Proud) and I love having a look at other peoples training routes/times/photos etc etc.

Best For: Exercise Logging, Following Friends, Viewing Progress

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Find Matt on Strava here


For anyone that has an Apple Watch, you’ll see that it comes with the Activity App. This is a really good app for logging workouts, as you can just press go and the watch will constantly read your heart-rate and log it all for you.

You can easily see how well you’ve done over a week, or even a month period, and it’s really good for making sure you’re hitting your goals.

You can read more about that activity app in my Apple Watch Review!

What apps can you not live without?? Comment below and let me know…