The Bigger Picture…

I’m feeling determined!

Are you…?!! 

I feel so inspired by social media posts, new beginnings, promises, pledges and the general all round ‘let’s do it!!’ of the health and fitness community in January. Bloggers, magazines and friends already in the fit-biz push some extra motivation through to my inbox…and there’s a whole new group of fitness enthusiasts ready to inspire and be inspired! What’s not to love?!

Fast forward to February, and all too often most of the above has disappeared. Buzz kill.

Let’s CHANGE that!!

We need to look at the bigger picture to be able to do this…


This is what I’ve slowly (VERY slowly) learned, and what I’ve asked Matt to remind me every time I want to eat my emotions. Because that’s what I do!! It’s easy enough to have a bad day, blame the world, tell ourselves we deserve a treat and reward ourselves with food – but it’s the strength that we use to stand up, say NO, work off the emotions in a more positive way and move on that makes us stand out from the rest.

And I like standing out…

Most people give up in these first couple of weeks because they’ve gone hell for leather and removed all the good things in life (ahem, carbs & dessert). Living without these things isn’t living at all in my opinion, and all it’s going to do is make you want to ‘cheat’ on whatever plan you are following. So – instead of doing that – check out some of my incredible dessert recipes that’ll make you feel super-naughty, but in reality, you won’t be harming you progress at all… yay!

So, one week in to that new years resolution lifestyle, I just want to take the time to congratulate you, spread some of that motivation and inspiration and wish you well on your journey.

You got this!

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