Review: Beats Solo 2 Wireless Headphones

I was super lucky to receive these not-so-little beauties for Christmas…

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Beats Solo 2 Wireless Headphones; Special Edition Space Grey

(to match my iPhone, of course) 

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I was super excited to finally get some obnoxious gym headphones…Finally, I would be able to get through my workout without being interrupted or spoken to, yay!! (I’m not really that miserable, but you know, some mornings I just don’t have the energy to speak to anyone!)

Designed for sound…tuned for emotion. Now wireless

Having music in the gym is soooo important to me; for motivation when I’m feeling weak, for distraction when I’m pushing through a tough set, and for feel good thoughts when warming up. You can see my current go-to playlist here. It’s so important to me to have the right tracks for the right workout as well. I’ll have something totally different for a weights session than I will for sprints, and something different all together for cycling around Yas Marina Circuit.

My new headphones came with no charge, so I had to wait until Boxing Day (or the day after, I can’t remember) to get to the gym and give them a go. A simple task of pressing and holding the pairing button for a couple of seconds had the Solo 2 Wireless set up for life, and we were ready to r0ll!

With my new found confidence, my all black gym outfit and a heavy playlist set up and ready – I decided that it just had to be leg day – and so to the squat rack I went..

Now – please do not underestimate just how LOUD these things can go. We had briefly tested the sound on Christmas Day, but the full power was not unleashed until I was squatting my own body weight a few sets in. Heavy! I’m pretty sure the whole gym could hear what I was listening to! With wireless controls at my fingertips, I was able to play, pause, skip tracks & change volume right on the headphones themselves – so my phone stayed down by my towel and water bottle, never getting in my way.

Obviously the wireless-ness of the Beats Solo 2 is one of it’s main pros! Not having to find somewhere to shove my phone to complete exercises (as I never have pockets or an arm band) and never yanking buds out of my ears if I accidentally got caught on something. It feels like pure luxury and freedom the first time you go wireless


I’ve always had a problem finding earphones that fit my ears & I’m sure everyone has spent more time pushing buds back in whilst exercising than is truly necessary, and so obviously the Beats Solo 2 headphones remove this problem immediately, making them an absolute winner for most workouts. The only time I would use my Yurbuds would be when running as they are the only earphones I have ever found that stay in my ears no.matter.what. The Beats Solo 2’s are a bit chunky for hill sprints..! I’d obviously wear my Yurbuds when I cycle too…but only because the Beats wouldn’t fit over my helmet…

Or I just need this bad boy….

Okay – let’s be honest – everyone gets a bit sweaty when they work out. It wouldn’t be a workout otherwise!! I find that the over-ear pads on the Beats Solo 2 get a bit sweated up, but nothing that can’t be solved by cleaning them up with a baby wipe, or one of the wipes at the gym that you use to clean the machine after you’ve used it (if you’re the nice type of gym goer that actually does that)

I’ve currently done 4 gym sessions and haven’t had to re-charge. The box states that they have a 12 hour battery life, and there’s a battery fuel gauge on the side of the headphones, so you’re never going to be caught music-less at the gym. And even if you totally have a moment and forget to charge, you can go old-school and plug them into your phone with the supplied cable.

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And say someone calls you mid-set? Do not worry – the Beats Solo 2 Wireless headphones have a built in microphone so you can answer calls with one press of a button. (But please don’t be that guy…)

So far – I am LOVING my new obnoxious headphones. They’re loud, they’re easy to use and they are comfortable. I can’t wait to get back into the gym and use them again…!

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