Weekly Round Up: Sixty-One…

That Good Week…

– Getting in some good workouts throughout the week (with my new beautifully obnoxious headphones – review soon!)

– Feeling really motivated by Matt doing his Festive 500 (find him on Strava here)

– Feeling really good about setting my 2016 goals, and taking the first steps to making my dreams happen!

– Enjoying New Years on the beach with Matt (and not being too hungover on NYD!)

– Riding my longest ever! 54km with Matt on New Years Eve

– Seeing some good changes in my monthly body update

That Bad Week…

– Feeling really ill after eating a Krispy Kreme Doughnut (serves me right!!)

– Not being able to stick to my fat macro goals at the end of the week (see my food diary here)

– Getting a horrendous ear infection (again!!) which wiped out the weekend for me

Next Week…

Oh Jesus. New year means new beginnings…which means I am starting with PT Isaac at Le Meridien Abu Dhabi on Sunday. EEEEEK! Safe to say I am a little bit scared… but I’m also super excited because I am just so ready for someone to help me make the changes I need to reach my goals. We’ve decided together that we are going to do 6:30am sessions on Sundays, Tuesdays & Thursdays (leaving the weekend for meeeee if I want it to be). Super fat-burning workouts to get me down to that 15% goal!

I’ve already said to Isaac that I don’t know if 15% will be maintainable, but I want to see what it looks/feels like and then make the judgement then. We can always reverse out of it slightly if it’s not right.

Apart from starting with Isaac, I just need to make sure that my nutrition is on point to ensure that I am doing all I can to reach my goals! You can see here where I am at the moment with weights/measurements/body fat percentage…and so hopefully you’ll join me on this journey into 2016 – the best year yet!

In Pictures…