Body Update: January

December has been a good month! And I put most of that down to us NOT being in the UK (soz guys). If we had have been, I am sure we would have attended countless family meals, friend get-togethers, and had ‘Christmas Drinks’ coming out of our ears. But in the UAE – we had a bit more say on what we were doing. So I set myself a challenge at the beginning of the month that I was going to stick to the strict paleo diet, and only allow myself any changes on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Years Eve.

And I stuck to it pretty well all the way through. Matt – well he did great up until Christmas Eve – and then coffee, chocolate and cheese called his name and I lost him to the joys of snacking. With perfect reason as well, as he signed up to Strava’s Festive 500 – riding 500km between Christmas Eve and New Years Eve (something I could never DREAM of doing)

So, with all of that said…let’s look at the numbers:

Weights and Measurements


I’m really happy with the -1.5% fat loss from November until now, and I’m glad to see some of the measurements heading back down in the right direction. Working hard throughout the last month (with just a couple of days ‘off’) really has helped get that back down after my indulgences throughout November. Though I can not WAIT to see it get lower and lower over the next few months.

I think a lot of the progress is down to the new macro goals that were set for me by the lovely Simone. She came forward to help me when I called out on social media, and with a 1.5% fat loss in the month that I have been working with her – I’d say that’s pretty good going! Thank youuuuu

Progress Photos…



I don’t see much change body wise at all…and to be fare it’s been like that for the past few months! It’s really time to kick things up a notch. 2016 is about me!!

The Plan Going Forward…

Seeing the changes from the past month of working hard, and getting back under that 20% Body Fat threshold has really put me on a good footing to hit January with all that I’ve got. As you know, I’m starting with my new Personal Trainer from January 3rd…and with 3 early morning sessions a week – I’m sure he’s going to kick my arse – but I am sure everything is going to be TOTALLY worth it! He called me yesterday to tell me he was back in the country and he was ready to build some muscle…Ooooosh!

With regards to my nutrition – I feel like sticking to Paleo is going to work for me, but I need to bring back in some carbs that aren’t sweet potatoes! I have missed Proats waaaaaaay to much this month, and they are absolutely perfect for a post-workout re-feed…so I am bringing them back baby!! I’ll be keeping to low GI foods, wholegrain carbs (if required) and generally keeping on top of my macros!

I think we’ll do well this year… and if you haven’t had a read of my Year Two Goals yet…make sure you do! I’ve also got my new motivational diary to document my progress in the most important areas of my life – read all about that here.


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  1. Thank you so much for this! 🙂 Through December I got off track and have been having trouble starting over, so I found your post really inspiring. I am also on the Paleo diet! I had been doing really well with it, until I got off track in December, but it really does work. Sticking to it will make such a difference. Again, thank you for the post! You are very inspiring:)


    1. Aww thank you so much ☺️ the paleo diet is great – and I’ve really stuck to it well (apart from the odd day off over Xmas). I’m definitely going to keep it going! I hope you get back on it in January! You can do it! Xx

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