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A couple of weeks ago, I thought that I would be going into 2016 no different than how I will be ending 2015; goal-less, no motivation and all-in-all, pretty stuck in a rut. Little did I know, with just a few days left of 2015 – opportunities would have arisen that turned that all around.

At the beginning of December, I bought this book/diary at a cute little Christmas market. It’s from a little company called Reve Du Soleil, and they call themselves a lifestyle brand with a sunny perspective. Cute!

Photo 12-30-15, 1 51 38 PM

I thought to myself that by filling it in, it would really help make 2016 work for me. Even though 2015 has been a pretty big year for us, the move to Abu Dhabi really put everything else to the side as we concentrated on making sure that we were happy and everything we did set us up properly for a life in the UAE. Now that is done (well done us!) we are able to concentrate on moving forward. Enter the diary…!

Though, until today, it had yet to be filled in. At all. I was scared I guess… scared of making all of these promises to myself and then scared of failing at them all. Confidence isn’t one of my biggest traits lol! But today I bit the bullet and opened it up:

Photo 12-30-15, 3 33 57 PM.jpg

As you can see, the page asked me to fill in the 8 things most important to me, and then ‘rate’ them. This means that I can go back to them over and over again to see where I am improving…

Career: 3/10 

I love events, and I think it’s a great career path to be in…but my dream is to be a Personal Trainer & Nutritionist. I’m good at that stuff, and it interests me way more than anything else I’ve ever done. I’m taking the first steps to getting there…and so hopefully we’ll be seeing an improvement on that number soon!

Relationship: 10/10

Me and Matt are soooo happy it’s sickening. lol! But that doesn’t mean we stop working on our relationship. I’d like to keep it at that 10 thank you!

That Fitness Journey: 4/10

My little blog is doing OK. I got 22,000 views in 2015 and my little WordPress insight has given me some idea of what you guys want to read and so I’ll be able to focus more on those kinds of posts in the upcoming year

Fun Factor: 5/10 

I currently associate fun things with drinking. Working seasons for 2 years back to back kinda drums that into you. I want to re-train my brain to find these kind of events fun without the added extra of alcohol. This’ll help my health and fitness and also mean that I will be able to say YES to a few more things rather than be a hermit!!

Health: 6/10

I’m pretty healthy. But I could be healthier. Simple as

15% Body Fat: 3.5/10

I literally figured this out with the numbers. I started off measuring my body fat percentage when it was at 22%, and now I am at 19.5%. That puts me just over a third of the way. Again, steps are in place to improve this number too (ahem….Personal Trainer)

Body Image: 3/10

I don’t know why, but as of late, my body image has become less and less positive…and I’ve really found it difficult to look in the mirror and find something good. Mainly because I am focusing on the bad. A change of mindset is needed in 2016

Money: 5/10

Just like a 5 out of 10, the money situation is average. We earn enough blah blah blah but I want to be able to start saving, and to be able to do the things we want to do. 2016 is the year to start!!

So along with my Year Two Goals that I set myself back in November (don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about those) I’ve got plenty to be working on! The diary is awesome because every month there is a focus – January’s is ‘awareness’ – and I’ll be working hard on the questions that t he diary asks me, and the challenges that it sets. I’ll of course keep you up to date all the way through…

What does your 2016 look like??

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    1. I think so too! I find it the toughest – but it something I need to work on to get head in some of the other goals! We shall see how it goes! 🙂 xx

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