I’m Proud Of Us…

Like, really proud. 

You know why? Because Matt and I said to ourselves that we would take Christmas Eve and Christmas Days as a ‘break’ from the healthy paleo diet that we had been following this month, and we’d get right back on it on Boxing Day. And we did! Though I currently feel like I’ve got serious holiday blues after heading back to the office this morning, I’m bloody proud of us for sticking to our guns (and proud of myself for getting that prep done on Boxing Day #TupperwareLife)

Photo 12-19-15, 12 04 05 PM

The holidays are the hardest part when it comes to staying on track and not ‘falling off the wagon’. I had a mindset at the beginning of the week that I needed to make sure that I got my exercise in, and I could pretty much go guilt free at brunch on Christmas Day. So I managed to work out 5 of 7 days last week (exercise diary here) and 5 out of 7 days were pretty much perfect nutritionally (food diary here).

Now, I won’t lie..it’s not been easy getting back into the swing of things, even after just two days off. All I’ve wanted to do is eat, and I feel a bit cheated out of Christmas because I haven’t had a tonne of chocolate or sweets or a mince-pie-a-day for the whole month (not even a Terrys Chocolate Orange). But that’s the mindset of Christmas, isn’t it?? – eat all you can and then worry about it later. TOTALLY not the point!! And I think that this is the first year that I can say ‘I did it’. I got through it, without any damage, without feeling guilty and without stressing myself out. And I drank PLENTY of champers on Christmas Day….

That’s a win-win for me, and puts me on the front foot for the beginning of 2016.

Now, the next hurdle is New Years Eve. Me and Matt have decided that as we are back on track straight after Christmas Day, we can indulge a bit on New Years Eve. One last mini blow out before the wrath of 2016 hits hard!! I’ve been craving pizza recently, so I think that may be in order! We’ll see! We’re heading out to see in the New Year on the beach (with fully inclusive drinks) so don’t expect to hear much from me on New Years Day, but I’ll be right back on track with healthy eating on January 1st. No messing about – not this time.

I hope you’ve all had an amazing ‘silly season’ – but I also hope that you are ready to absolutely smash 2016!! I definitely am – OOOOOOOSH!!

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