Weekly Round Up: Fifty Nine…

That Good Week…

– Having a good time at this weeks Zomato Party

– Creating some incredible new clean recipes

– Managing to resist 100 (yes, 100) Krispy Kremes in the apartment

– Enjoying a nice morning ride with Matt on the weekend

That Bad Week…

– Having a bad evening snacking (all clean snacks though, so not all bad)

– Struggling with my fats a little on this macro plan

Next Week…

More of the same on the Paleo front! I am of course going to be giving myself Christmas day to pretty much have what the hell I want, and as both me and Matt are off on Christmas Eve, we might have a little treat on that day too 🙂 Heck, it’s Christmas!

Paleo really isn’t all that difficult to follow, and we have been doing it perfectly for the past three weeks. I really think that even after this month I will keep to the principles of a Paleo diet, but I may need to add in some healthy whole grains (like quinoa) so that I don’t get seriously bored of sweet potato. That’s the only thing at the moment, any carbs that I eat are generally sweet potatoes, and even typing sweet potato is beginning to lose it’s meaning right now! I’ll definitely be sticking to the low GI foods for my carbs, but I just need a bit of variety with my lunches & dinners. I’ll still leave out the dairy too I think!

In Pictures…

3 thoughts

    1. Ahhhh OK. I didn’t realise that it was particularly a high fat diet. I thought that it would only be high fat if you made it high fat (if you get what I’m saying lol)

      To be fair, I just wanted to see if it was a ‘doable’ diet – and it definitely is. I don’t find it restrictive at all!!

      I’ll be bringing back in some low GI carbs next month like quinoa and a little brown rice (because all of the sweet potato and butternut squash is killing me at the moment)…but I think I’ll generally stick to most of the elements!



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