That 59th Exercise Diary…


Photo 12-13-15, 6 32 57 PM


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Rest Day = Zomato Party at Azura


Unintentional Rest Day


Photo 12-17-15, 6 36 29 PM


Rest Day


1 hour cycle – find me on Strava

Four workouts this week – that is absolutely fine and dandy. I know I’m kind of coasting along at the moment, and I am pretty much sticking in my comfort zone, but I’m going to say here that it’s better than doing nothing! I was supposed to go to Body Combat on Friday morning but the gym changed the schedule and didn’t bloody tell anyone!! (putting me in a bad mood and sacking off all exercise)

Next week, being Christmas week and all, I need to make sure that I am keeping on track with exercise as much as I can. I am going to add 10 minutes of sprints onto any of my weights sessions, and me and Matt are definitely going to get down the track on Tuesday for a pretty decent ride.

I need to get back on track by doing morning workouts, as when I start with the PT in January, they will be 6:30am sessions. So I am giving myself 2 weeks morning training again to get me back on track!

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