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We had so much fun at the Etisalat Fitness Festival a couple of weeks ago in Dubai, and a particular highlight was all of the things we we able to try, including kale crisps, protein ice cream, super-food bars and Green Tea X50.

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It’s pretty much ingrained in all of our brains that green tea is good for us and should be a staple in any type of healthy diet – but do we really know why? There are plenty of posts out there outlining the benefits, so I’m not going to add another to the lonnnnnng long list, but have a glance here or here if you need a quick refresh on why it’s so damn good for us.

The girls at the Green Tea X50 stand were so lovely to us when we wandered over all inquisitive, allowing us to taste the different flavours and providing us with all of the details for the product without even having to ask! Ideal.

  • Each X50 sachet is the equivalent to up to 20 cups of green tea, and all you have to do is mix the sachet with 600ml cold water (this can be done in a shaker/water bottle or large glass)
  • X50 has added Resvetarol, which is proven to have anti-aging properties along with helping to protect the body from heart disease, Alzheimer’s and diabetes.
  • Green Tea X50 is all natural, gluten free & vegan friendly
  • No preservatives, artificial colours or flavours
  • Only 10 calories per sachet

All of that along with the regular fat burning, detoxing, metabolism boosting goodness of Green Tea?! Multiplied by 20?!!

I’M IN!!

My friend Sarah snapped up a shaker and some sample sachets at the Fitness Festival, and I was rather quick to follow – excited to find a new way to get the benefits of more green tea in me every day!

The Taste…

Now, this was the bit I was dreading! Personally, I don’t think that green tea has the best taste as it is (especially when I accidentally leave it brewing a littttttle bit too long). This resulted me to me being slightly addicted to the flavoured Twinings green teas back in the UK (YES to salted caramel) – but I haven’t actually seen them out here in the UAE, so I’ve been stuck with regular or lemon or mint. Not my favourites by far…

But YAY! This mix tastes just like Robinson’s squash, a yummy sweet fruity drink that makes a HUGE difference to the litres and litres of plain-jane water we need to drink every day. The only problem is – it’s so yum that the 600ml is gone in a couple of minutes and you want it all over again! (but is that really a problem…?)

The Price…

Green Tea X50 comes in at AED 3.50 per sachet, that’s just 60p per serving of allll that goodness! 60 sachets in a box, with the recommended daily intake of 2 sachets.

The Purchase…

You can easily get hold of Green Tea X50 here in the UAE, just head over to their online shop and pick your flavours. I went for raspberry and tropical, but you can also get ‘original’ flavour if you are one who likes the taste of regular green tea. The original product is Australian, and so it’s super easy to get hold of it there too 🙂

Pssssst!!! You can request samples on the website too, so feel free to have a ‘try before you buy’ before delving in to a whole box!



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