My New Macros…

After weeks of trying to figure out what I need to do to control myself nutritionally and get over this plateau, I finally stumbled across someone that kindly offered to help! Enter Simone McKenna – a health & fitness blogger from Perth, certified in nutrition & weight-loss management and a personal trainer! Yay her!!


I sent Simone my deets after a couple of introductory emails (height, weight, fitness goals etc) with a outline of what I do for exercise etc and almost immediately I got some super helpful info back:

BMR= 1420 calories (Basal Metabolic Rate- if you weren’t to move off the couch!)
TDEE= 2201 (Total Daily Expenditure/ Maintenance calories)

FINALLY – something I think I can work with! You would have seen in a previous post a couple of weeks ago that I did my own online research into my macro split and I ended up with a 1960 calorie goal.

Eeek! This proved that I have definitely been eating much more than I should have if I want to get rid of that excess fat!! I was actually quite surprised by my maintenance calories provided by Simone – for some reason I thought it would be lower than that – but finally seeing the calories that I should be eating to lose fat really helps.

Simone went one step further, and offered me her recommended macro split for fat-loss:

Protein: 170g
Fat: 38g
Carbs: 170g

I’d like to show you the online split that I ‘worked out’ myself a couple of weeks ago:

165g Protein / 244g Carbs / 36g Fats

Whilst protein and fats were pretty much right, carbs were waaaaaay up and over the amounts Simone gave me to try (which probably accounted for the 250 extra calories). This kind of stuff really puts doubt in my mind about any online research that I try to do. I attempt to educate myself on all things related to health and fitness, and with all of the mixed messages online – how is anyone supposed to know if what they’re reading is right?!! I feel sorry for the complete newbies just trying to get their foot in the door!!

Rant Over…!

So, now armed with my new information and macro-split – I am excited to say that I am actually looking forward to the next few weeks and hopefully seeing the right kind of changes to my body composition. Unfortunately, I did do a body composition test with this months weigh-in, but I took my weight and measurements and hopefully I’ll see those decrease by the end of December.

As you already know, me and Matt are following a pretty strict Paleo diet this month, and so fitting that in with the macros is actually figuring out pretty well, because all of the foods we are eating are 100% healthy (the only things we sneak in are protein powder & 85% dark chocolate every now and then). I’ll be doing a blog on Paleo eats very soon! (by the way – red wine is NOT paleo – soz!!)

Keep up to date with me by following this little blog of mine, and if you need a little bit of help like me, head over to to ask a question or two 🙂

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  1. What a beautiful post! Thanks for your kind words. I have to agree that there is so much misleading information out there which can make it difficult to work out right from wrong. The best thing we can do is trial new things, see if it suits our body and motivates change/progress then reassess from there. With your motivation and persistence, you’ll see results in no time. Glad to be of help x


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