That 57th Exercise Diary…

With me giving myself a kick up the arse and getting back on it, I managed to get 3 good workouts in this week whilst sorting out my nutrition as well. I’m not 100% back on track but I am WELL on the way!

Read my exercise diary from the past seven days below:




20km Cycle

Photo 12-2-15, 2 55 18 PM


Photo 12-3-15, 8 34 31 AM


Le Mills Body Combat Class


Well!! Three is better than none, and I didn’t want to push it on Saturday either and burn myself out so I just go giving up again so I took it as a rest and cooked up a Paleo Sunday Roast (yup!) for me and Matt.

Next week I am carrying on with my favourite workout programme from – Erin Stern’s Elite Body Programme. This is my go-to exercise regime for when I don’t really know what to do (which is a lot of the time lol) and it’s going to get me through to January when I start with my PT at Le Meridien Abu Dhabi. I’m so excited to be able to blog and tell you all about my experience with a personal trainer because I’m anxious to see whether a PT will pull out the results that I so desperately want! Eeeek!!