I’ve become THAT person….

I’ve recently realised that I have become one of those people:

– That looks at every.single. food package to check it’s ingredients

(more than 6 ingredients and it gets put back on the shelf)

– Who has to go to a certain store for certain food items

(they only sell the right peanut butter in Waitrose. Fml)

– Who checks a restaurants menu before heading out to eat

(mental preparation ALWAYS required)

– That makes my own granola/protein bars

(because I just don’t trust the others..!)

– That is constantly trying to get PR’s/QOM’s on Strava

(2nd best just isn’t good enough anymore)

– That tells herself to ‘take a break’ and still stresses over every little thing

(ingrained in the brain)

What little things have you picked up along the way? Let me know in the comments below… 

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