The Etisalat Fitness Festival 2015

After a gluttonous couple of days at Taste of Abu Dhabi, I decided that I needed to get my butt back in gear, and so there was only one thing for it – The Etisalat Fitness Festival.

Matt’s first words to me that morning were “You’re going in gym gear??”. I was already up and dressed before he’d flickered an eyelid and I was ready to face any challenged that the day would put in front of me…!


We took along some friends from Abu Dhabi, and we were all excited to hear the pumping music when we parked up and started walking in. It was good to see that 99% of the people in attendance were dressed in sports gear, and I was really happy to see the vast amount of sports & fitness brands that had come along to Dubai Autodrome to take part in the first ever fitness festival in Dubai.

As we wandered around, we thought that it was a little quiet in terms of visitors, but put this down to it being the last day of the festival. A majority of the stalls and stands were hosting competitions to win prizes, and so we all had fun taking part in those and trying not to look silly (which I failed at, miserably!)

A great upside to being at a Fitness Festival? It’s reaaaaallly difficult to eat or drink something that’s not good for you. We tried protein shakes, electrolyte drinks, fresh smoothies, protein ice cream, kale crisps & power balls throughout the day, and came home with a bunch of other things to try as well!

 Oh yeah – and I jumped off of a 10 meter platform for funsies! Check out the video…

Another aspect of the Etisalat Fitness Festival was it’s seminar programme, with talks held by many fitness professionals across the three days. We watched a Q&A sessions with the 2014 winner of Reebok’s CrossFit Games, Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, and it was really inspiring to hear what she had to say (and yes, even she has a little cry sometimes too – so I’m not entirely alone). I think that these sessions were probably one of the best parts of the festival and I wish I would have been around in the previous days to get more out of them.

Even though we weren’t there on the ‘main day‘, there was still plenty of activities going on around the autodrome. The strongest man/woman competition looked absolutely brutal, especially in the heat of the day, but the lively zumba and dance sessions on the main stage were really fun.

Personally, the music playing throughout the day was absolutely PERFECT! A strong EDM beat ran through the whole event, nice and loud to get everyone pumped up.

Next year – I hope that Turret Media don’t host their events on the same weekend. I could have easily spent the whole three at both Taste of Abu Dhabi and The Etisalat Fitness Festival, so please don’t make me choose next time..!!

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