That 54th Exercise Diary…

I’ve been feeling a bit better about exercise this week. I think it’s mainly because I haven’t put too much pressure on myself. I’ve exercised when I’ve wanted to, chosen new things to do that I haven’t done in a while and really enjoyed some of the sessions (though a little put off cycling in sandstorms lol)


Read my exerciseย diary fromย the past seven daysย below:


23km Ride on Reem

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Body Combat at Primal Gym


Rest Day


10km Ride – WINDY!!!


Rest Day


Body Combat


Rest Day

4 workouts this week wasn’t bad. Especially since they were all good quality workouts (well, apart from the sandstorm ride). 3 or 4 quality workouts in week is MUCH better than 7 half hearted ones!

My friends arrive from the UK on Tuesday, so I need to make sure that I put the effort in at the beginning of the week and come out of it strong – because I know full well that the latter half is going to be a write-off!!