10 Things I Learned (in a year of blogging)…


When I tell people I write a blog (I feel weird calling myself a ‘blogger’) some people say ‘oh I wish I started a blog’ or ‘I really want to start writing’ and just wanted to let you know about my first year of blogging and what I have learned…

1. You might not get it right first time.

I wrote every post in my first year with the title ‘That…’ and you wouldn’t understand quite how difficult that was!! I thought that I needed the theme to carry on through the blog, but in reality it just led to some weird post titles that didn’t necessarily link to the content. A blogging no-no.

2. Photos are important!

Whether it be pics of my meals, or monthly progress shots, having these photos ready is top of the priority list! If I’m doing a big important blog post, I’ll take out Matt’s camera to get the proper shots..but believe me – the camera on your phone will be enough to get people engaged.


3. Social – Freakin – Media

If you don’t understand the ways of Facebook / Twitter / Instagram, then I would suggest learning – fast! I have so much traffic through my Insta account specifically, I don’t think I’d have nearly the same amount of people reading my blog posts without it.

4. Save yourself some time…

Having a gazillion social media accounts doesn’t mean you have to spend your entire life scrolling, liking, posting & re-tweeting/gramming/posting. If you’re smart about it, you can have all of your accounts running perfectly for a whole day (or more) in less than an hour. Hootsuite did a great post about managing your Instagram in 20 minutes or less, and you can use their app or Buffer to schedule posts when you need them most! I also use If This Then That to get the most important posts out on a regular basis

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5….But make time all the same

If you want to be consistent, you need to put aside the time to get those posts out! I started my blog by sending out a weekly food diary, exercise diary & weekly round up – and I am determined to make sure they go out every.single.week (on time). If it meant sacrificing something else, then so be it, it had to be done.

6. You might annoy some people

I know that some of my Facebook friends, real friends & family don’t quite understand why I’m writing the blog, and yes there has been a bit of chat behind my back at their annoyance of my posts & pictures…but at the end of the day I am doing this for me and there’s this little thing called an ‘unfollow’ button that I am more than happy for them to click.


7. You might inspire people

The first time I got the comment ‘ab goals <3’ on one of my photos, I think I nearly passed out! Every time I get a private message asking me for advice I feel honored. There’s people out there watching me, and I want to be the best I can be to inspire those people some more.

8. Always tell the truth!

With all of the hype at the moment surrounding distorted images on social media, with only ‘high-lights’ being shown rather than the full picture of someones life, I thought I’d throw my two-pennies worth in. I think that it’s only natural for us as bloggers and social media users to want people to see all of the incredible things in our lives. It’s ‘normal’ for us to take a picture of an incredible sunset rather in a grey cloudy sky… but I am quite proud to say that I try my hardest to show you guys both sides of the coin. I take extra rest days, I ache, I attempt things and fail, and I cry (my god do I cry) but I tell you about it. Not that I want to – but because I want you to see that everything isn’t always sunshine and roses. It’s tough! And the quicker we realise that, the quicker we can come to terms with the fact that there’s going to be low moments, hard moments and moments where we just want to give up – but when we don’t?! We’ll see, do and accomplish incredible things.

9. Freebies (or lack thereof)

Don’t go into blogging with the mindset of ‘I want a bunch of free stuff, so if I start writing about it – I’ll get it’. I’ll tell you right now, that isn’t going to happen. I think that I’ve been really lucky with the opportunities I’ve had through writing this blog, and ever since I moved to Abu Dhabi, I’ve felt really dumbfounded by the amount of acceptance I’ve had as a blogger and the things I’ve been able to do. I don’t expect ANYTHING from this, and I am humble and thankful for all the things that I get to do.

10. Enjoy it!!

If you’re not writing about something you love and are passionate about, then in all honesty, you shouldn’t be writing at all. I love being able to write about my journey and all the ups and downs, and if I got bored of it, I’d stop. If I’m not interested in something, why bother writing about it…?!

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  1. Tiff,
    Really enjoyed reading this post. It’s well written and honest and I can identify with most of it 😀 Point 9 is especially important, I like you don’t blog for the free stuff but I’m very grateful for any invites I get and also still excited and surprise when one pops up in my inbox.

    However there are folks that are spoiling it for the genuine bloggers and that leads to comments like the back page of this week’s Time Out AD.

    Congrats on the first year and everything you have achieved to date 😀

    Jo X


    1. Thank you so much Jo – I haven’t been and got Time Out this week but it’s now definitely on my ‘to buy’ list after work today!
      I really appreciate your comment – thank you so much 🙂 xxx

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