12 Weeks of BBG….

Remember 12 weeks ago when I started Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide?


 I was scared, I had my worries, and I didn’t know whether I’d be able to follow the exercise and nutritional plan properly.

And it turns out – I couldn’t! (lol)

The first few weeks were great. Week 1-4 was tough, but I enjoyed the workouts, the variation and stayed pretty on track with the food plan. I saw some changes physically and loved the extra energy from the carbs that I introduced back into my diet with the help of the BBG Nutritional Guide.

Weeks 5-8 were tougher, with the work-outs ramping up from 6 to 8 sessions a week. Some weeks I could keep up, some weeks I couldn’t, but I generally got around 6-7 of the sessions done. The nutritional plan didn’t change, so this was easy to keep following (though of course I slipped up a couple of times).

When I hit week 9, the strain really started to show. I was losing motivation fast, and found the workouts really tough. This turned into skipping some of the workouts (there were 9 a week at this stage) and substituting the circuit/resistance sessions with easy cardio. In all honesty – I’d given up.

I know that we have to make time to work out and exercise, but 30-40 minute sessions 9 times a week meant that I was getting zero rest days and really struggling with the motivation to keep going. I really do applaud all of the BBG girls that have been able to carry on this programme for weeks/months/years (please tell me how you do it!!), but I really couldn’t get them all in!

I must say here that 9 sessions a week was the top end of the workout spectrum. Maybe if I tried it again I’d not try and do the maximum amount of sessions in a week

I might still do some of the earlier sessions every now and then to switch things up a bit because I think the leg circuits are really good, and I always loved the ab days!

So, with all that said, I’ll show you my progress from week 1 – week 12:

PicsArt_1446519043193 PicsArt_1446519144434

Well we can’t deny that some progress has been made can we?! So I am happy that I decided to do the 12 weeks, and I’d more than happily do the first 8 weeks over again – but I reallllllly struggle with weeks 9-12.


– The food plan made me more nutritionally aware

– Weeks 1-8 sessions really pushed me and had me working hard!

– Amazing online BBG community


– The last 4 weeks of workouts were just too tough for me, causing me to give up

– Too many workouts in a week (9 sessions in weeks 9-12)

– The nutrition plan ended up being to low on calories for me

All In All..

I’d definitely recommend Kaylas Bikini Body Guide to anyone. It’s a great 12 week programme, and in all honesty – I’d probably try and give it another go sometime. If you struggle nutritionally, the healthy eating guide is really great. It just simply breaks down the minimum amount of servings from each food group you should get in each day.

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  1. You look fantastic – What I like best is how honest you are in this post, I started and gave up after about 6 weeks! The issue is, I couldn’t keep up with BBG and half marathon training but I would definitely try it again! xx


    1. Thanks hun!! I found the last weeks so damn hard, and so I just had to stop before I quit exercise all together lol! Phewie!! I would definitely have not been able to keep up with 2 exercise programmes, I did that once back in April – I was training for my first 10k and I was doing a full weights programme too! It was so tough (but I did look the best I’ve ever looked at the end of that month, so it kinda proves something!!)

      Thanks so much for reading xxxx

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  2. Amazing progress girl! You look fantastic, and those mental changes are just so awesome!

    I’ve completed 1 round of BBG and definitely agree Week 9 to 12 are so hard! It takes a lot to get through those weeks, especially as you come to the end of the program. I aim to do 3 resistance a week, 2 LISS, and 1 HIIT in weeks 9 to 12. I’m wondering how you worked it out to be 9 workouts a week? Maybe I’m missing something!


    1. Hey! I think because the guide said do 2-3 of this and 3-4 of the other I took the top end of each option and burned myself out!! Thats probably why I didn’t enjoy it that much in the end! But we’ll get there hey?!! Thanks for reading xxxx


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