Year 2 Goals…

Hello… 🙂

This time last year, I wrote a post about setting goals. I mentioned in the post that my goal setting was pretty rubbish (which was true). I used to set goals that were huge in regards to what I wanted, but tiny in the time frame I gave myself to do it. Not ideal – and always led to disappointment.

I think, since then, I have learned to set more long-term goals, but in the same breath I feel like making long term goals means I am getting nowhere fast. Yes, I know I should have the Progress Not Perfection mindset, but that’s just something I don’t seem to have in abundance (if at all).

I’m working on it…

I have spent the last month trying to figure out what it is I want to do with the next year of My Fitness Journey, and it’s been a struggle trying to really understand what it is that I really want. I need to make sure that the goals I set myself are realistic, obtainable and something I can then keep consistent once I have reached the point of ‘I’ve done it!’. There’s a mix of things that I want to do, and I think I’ve come up with a way to do it. So here goes….

My Year Two Goals..

– Complete the Desert Warrior Challenge 2016 at Yas Marina Circuit (April)

– Get down to 15% body fat (challenge) and maintain a BF% where I feel comfortable & happy (consistency)

– Complete at challenge at the 2016 Dubai Fitness Festival (November)

How I’m going to do it…

I don’t bloody know lol!

This is something totally new for me, and I haven’t got the foggiest where to start. The first challenge that I’m signing up for is pretty much a 10k full of obstacles that are going to test my full body strength. It’s going to be a toughie!

Desert Warrior Challenge brings you fun and challenging obstacle courses, designed to test the physical power, mental strength, team-work and over all fitness of each and every warrior. Be ready to run, jump, crawl, climb, carry and slide your way through a course designed to test even the most hardcore.


Wanting to be at 15% body fat is a tough job for a female I know, but it’s not exactly impossible and I want to see whether there’s a point in between here and there where I find I’m happy with the way that I look and feel, and something I’m able to maintain. It’s going to take a lot of hard work at the beginning…and that’s why I’ve got a plan in place!

Remember the PT I worked out with at Le Meridien Abu Dhabi a few months ago? Well, I’ve made the decision to sign up to Le Meridien’s 3 month Body Revolution Package. Unfortunately I went for a chat with PT Isaac yesterday and he’s taking the whole of December off to fly home, so we are going to kick-start the training at the beginning of the new year. But it’s OK, as starting in January will gear me up right in time for the Desert Warrior in April!

Between then and now? I’m going to take November as a bit of a ‘rest’ month. I’m not saying I won’t be exercising (because I think it’s pretty much ingrained in my sub-conscious now) but I feel as if I need to re-set so my mind is back in the right place to want to work out again. I feel like I’m always on my phone looking at social media so I am going to try and cut down a bit in this time as well and just enjoy the time off I’m going to be having when my friend arrives in 2 weeks for a bit of a holiday.

In December I’ll be signing up to a programme to get me through to the start of my training with Isaac at Le Meridien. There are so many different options to choose from here in Abu Dhabi, and there are a few plans that are taking my eye. Haddins Fitness has a Primal 4-Week plan, and Fit & Flex Studios do a 30 day Lean & Clean programme. I’ve got a little while to think about it – but of course you’ll all know what I go and pick!

I’m heading over to the Dubai Fitness Festival this weekend. Yay! It’s in it’s very first year, but it looks like it’s going to be absolutely huge. I was too scared to sign up to any of the challenges this time around, but I’m making a commitment now that I am going to take part in one of the challenges next year. I’m going to use this year to enjoy the whole event and check out what it’s like, and then next year I’ll take it a bit more seriously.

Me – scared? Naaaah… =/


And finally…

Blog Goals…

I know this little blog is only a hobby, but I feel like I still want it to progress alongside my Fitness Journey, so I have some goals for it too…

Understandable Content. It’s the whole point of the blog, to give some hope to people who haven’t really done any of this before and maybe don’t quite understand all of the lingo. I don’t want readers to avoid my blog because it’s full of stuff that they just don’t get!

Recipe Write-Ups. I cook from scratch pretty much every single day of the week and I don’t post it all up online, so I am going to commit to adding one recipe a week to the blog

Blog Posts. I got to a lot of places and do a lot of things, but I don’t always write about them. I need to put aside the time to be able to write up all of the awesome things I do!

I hope you all keep following That Fitness Journey, because it’s the comments and likes and faves that keep me motivated! It’s funny how 99.9% of my support network are people that I haven’t even met, but I feel like I know every single one of you through my social media channels!

Thank you… xxx

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  2. That Desert Warrior Challenge looks awesome. Watching the video with the competitors and camaraderie its the kind of challenge we should all look to.


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