Happy (blog) Birthday To Me…!!

Happy (blog) Birthday To Me….!

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Can you adam-and-eve it?! I’ve been at this little blog of mine for 365 days – a whole bloomin’ year!!

And what a year it’s been! There’s been ups and downs, temper tantrums and tears, and a LOT of hard work to get to where I am now. And I’m proud! Proud that I never completely gave up and went back to my old ways is the biggie – but there were a few other smaller ‘proud moments’ that got me here as well…

– Giving up alcohol for 12 weeks whilst doing round 1 of Kayla Itsines BBG

Running a 10k with Matt for The British Heart Foundation

– Attending the Women’s Health/John Lewis Blogger Event

– Moving to bloody ABU DHABI and keeping all of this fitness lark up!

– Having some of my recipes published in Dining & Nightlife Abu Dhabi

– Guest writing some blog posts for The Pulse at Go Nutrition

And there’s been a million and one other super-fun bits too! 

And here’s what’s changed in a year…


Weight – Say bye bye to FOURTEEN pounds

Belly Measurement (biggest part) – 4.5 inches smaller

Belly Button Measurement – 4 inches smaller

Waist Measurement (smallest part) – 3 inches smaller

Thigh (biggest part) – 2.5 inches smaller

That’s a total of 14 inches lost!

Body Fat Percentage – No change since February… Jheeez

When I went to get my body composition test this morning, I was really gutted to see that my body fat percentage had jumped up 3% in a month. THREE PERCENT??!!! Absolutely redonkulous in my opinion, but I can’t shy away from the facts. You’ll see from last months chart to this (below) that I’ve literally swapped 2kg of muscle for 2kg of fat in my stomach and legs. Yeah, I might have dropped from 8 exercise sessions to 4 or 5 per week, but it’s my nutrition that probably caused a lot of the problems here. I was honestly really gutted this morning when the print out came through.

And of course, the progress pictures…





I can’t say that I’m not chuffed with the progress that I have made, because I am, and I seem to be able to keep some kind of consistency at the moment. I enjoy buying size 8 clothes without having to worry if they’ll fit, and I’m happy knowing that if I need to pick something up and move it, I generally can with ease.

Sometimes I just feel I want more though…

Later on today you’ll be able to read about my Year Two Goals….so please come on back and let me know what you think of my plans!

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