That 52nd Exercise Diary…

This week has been mental work-wise, so obviously my workouts have suffered. But I still managed 3 along with 2 super long days on site!


Read my exercise diary from the past seven days below:


1 hour outdoor ride




Rest Day


15 hours on event site for set up


Event Day!! Another lovely 14 hours on site


Rest Day



So in reality, I didn’t start (or finish) week 12 of BBG. To be honest I just lost all motivation to do it. I think it was a bit too tough for me in the last month, and I’m horrendous at giving up when I can’t do something. If there’s noone there looking over me to make me do it, it’s unlikely I’ll get it done.

But I’m still happy that I got some exercise in so all is not lost!

That’s one full year of exercise diaries DONE! They may not all have been perfect (some far from it – the one from my birthday week springs into mind lol) but I’ve made it a full year! That’s the most committed I’ve been to ANYTHING (well, apart from Matt of course) and I’m pretty proud of myself.

Tune in on Tuesday for my official blog-birthday posts…