That Weekly Round Up: Fifty…

I’ve felt really down this week – mainly because of the way I keep making excuses and letting myself off, and partly because I have felt really weak and unable to complete the workouts. It’s not as if I’m not fueling myself properly because I am eating well 90% of the time – I just sometimes feel like I literally can’t manage it! I really want to have a positive week this week and that is what I am working on!

Make sure you have a look at my Food Diary & Exercise Diary from the last 7 days

Here’s the last week in pictures:

That Good Week…

–Β Having a long weekend off with Matt

– Getting some more housey stuff done

– Enjoying a healthy clean crumble dessert (recipe coming very soon)

I’ve noticed that my ‘Good Week’ has started to feel less full of exercise, health, nutrition stuff and more full of lifestyle. I need to bring that balance back so that I am making achievements fitness wise

That Bad Week…

– Not completing all of the BBG exercises

– Only getting 5 workouts done out of a total 9

NextΒ Week…

…is week 11. Can you believe it? 2 weeks left and I will have finished the first round of Kayla Itsines BBG. Now, I know that I have been struggling with the workouts, but you’ll see in my weekly exercise post that I know that I am putting a lot of pressure on myself trying to fit in 9 workouts a week, and I’ve come to realise that I might not be able to do it, but that’s not a problem. I know in my head that if I get 6 or 7 workouts completed in a week I’ll be fine, and I just really need to keep on top of my nutrition for the next couple of weeks to stay completely on track.

My bestie Mysha back in the UK is starting BBG this week, and she’s been talking to me about it and is so excited!! It’s really got me thinking about how excited I was back at the beginning and how much I loved the first few weeks of the exercise and nutritional plan. I need to get back into that mindset and I think going back and doing the workouts from a couple of weeks back will get me into it again!!

2 thoughts

  1. You are far more articulate about these things and know what you are trying to achieve, but these are my thoughts.

    Firstly.. You are doing the right things.. Eat well, exercise, enjoy life..

    But, and you mentioned this a week or so ago, a target is important – if you were taking part in a 10km or a marathon or a contest then you would be aiming towards that goal and everything you do would come together for that ONE event.

    Without a target you are doing all the right things but the goal isn’t there and the falling off the waggon (eating too much, too little exercise) is going to happen. My advice – don’t beat yourself up about it.

    Today starts another week.. I know I won’t be able to make my Abs class on Friday because of work commitments, so I am going to make sure that I put the effort in for the rest of my sessions and keep the guilt of all the weekend chocolate as a motivator.

    Keep going, you really are doing great.


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