That Thought Process…

What I’ve come to realise today is that I have no goals…

Not even one.

So how the HELL am I supposed to figure out something to do going into the second year of this fitness/blog/mental life that I have made for myself? Matt made a good point this evening when he said ‘I’ve never known anyone who’s so determined without a goal’ and I suppose he’s right. Who in their right mind would work so hard and not really know what they want out of it?

So I’ve got the next two weeks to figure out what it is I really want out the next year of all of this…

What do you guys do when you set your goals? And what makes you stick to them so well? I’d love to hear from you so comment below and help me out (please!!)

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  1. Well to start off 😉 there are a lot of goals out there… So many thing to do… I, myself, have so many things where I say “Man, I need to learn to do that!” or “I really want to be able to do that!” That could be a marathon, a half-marathon, a triathlon, a difficult yoga pose or just a tighter butt… What ever makes you go “Woa, that´s impressive, that’s so cool”, go for it! Whatever you enjoy and what get´s you out of your comfort zone! (I haven´t read through your blog yet, I just found this post…so i don´t know what you´re into)But then also be happy about all the tiny steps you took towards that small/huge goal…
    And I think it´s great you´re so determined. That´s really the first step to achieving anything!
    The way I stick to my goals is that I make myself a plan and a “contract” with myself to stick to that plan and don´t quit on myself. I tell myself that quitting is actually cheating on myself..and I don´t like to be cheated on…;-)
    Maybe that helped! All the best in the coming year and with your goals! I´d love to hear what you “chose”! And I´ll go check out your blog now;-) again, all the best! Xo


    1. Hey! Thanks so much for your message!

      Maybe you’re right – maybe there are some shorter-term goals that I need to set myself throughout the year to keep me going through. I know they do different challenges and stuff out here, so I think I might need to just sign up to one of them and get my training in gear! Definitely stuck at the moment so need to look into new things!
      Thanks so much for commenting – I hope you enjoy the blog xxx

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      1. I did enjoy your blog! You write good stuff!
        Yes, starting with a shorter term goal maybe the right thing for you.
        I did the 30 day squat challenge and the 30 day ab challenge, you can check those out if you want or like you said sign up to some out there on blogs and so on!
        Let me know what you chose in the end, I´d be interested! And happy sweating;-)


      2. Hey! I’ve actually done the 30-day squat challenge back in February (I think it was Feb anyways) and that was pretty good – but it wasn’t enough for my goals.
        I’ve made my decision on what I am going to do – excited! You’ll see a blog post soon! xx

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