That Weekly Round Up: Fourty-Nine…

This week has been another one of those crazy weeks! 7 days at work, 6 days of exercising and 4 days of the Abu Dhabi Tour.

Have a look at my Food Diary & Exercise Diary from the last 7 days to see what I got up to in those respects…and have a little look-see below of the good and bad from the last seven days.

Here’s the last week in pictures:

That Good Week…

– Enjoying the first everΒ Abu Dhabi Tour

– Running 8k on Tuesday at Yas Marina Circuit (the longest I’ve run in a LONG time)

– Getting some good results from my body composition test. Read here on how that went.

– Matt winning VIP Hospitality at the final stage of The Abu Dhabi Tour (pics coming soon)

That Bad Week…

– Being shattered AGAIN this week

– Not eating as well as a should/could have, and letting myself down

– Not getting up for the Saturday morning workout

– Not getting through the full 4 circuits for Week 9 Arms

NextΒ Week…

…is week 10 of Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide. That means I only have three weeks left until my first year blog-birthday. I know I haven’t got as far as I wanted to be, but that’s my own fault and nothing anyone can do about that – it’s all on me.

All I can do for the last three weeks is make it the best I can, and try to keep on track to have a good 1-year transformation photo/measurements. It’s so hard when you live somewhere that absolutely CRIES out for you to eat out in these amazing restaurants, or go out drinking at the amazing venues that are here and in Dubai. It’s been a real struggle not to drink throughout all of this, but I have managed that, so surely I can manage anything!!

I hope all of your programmes are going well, and you are seeing the progress that you want to see..!! Keep it up!