That 49th Exercise Diary…

This week hasn’t seemed as difficult as previous weeks as a whole. Yeah, I have tough days or mornings, but the week of exercise in a whole has been good. Maybe because I got some good results from my monthly body composition test, or maybe because I’m slowly feeling happier about the progress I’m making. It’s weird how one week can be so different to others, but we just muddle through don’t we?

The weekend is always a struggle for me, and considering Matt had the weekend off and I still had to go to work, I really wanted to relish that extra hour or so in bed. So I did on Saturday! Probably not the best move, as it led me to miss a couple of workouts this week… oops!


Read my exercise diary from the past seven days below:


Bikini Body Guide Week 9 – Legs


AM – LISS (5k outdoor run/walk)

PM – LISS (8k outdoor run at Yas Marina Circuit)


Bikini Body Guide Week 9 – Abs


LISS (5k outdoor run/walk)


Bikini Body Guide Week 9 – Arms

I only managed to get through half the workout before feeling completely helpless, so I pretty much changed my mind and changed my workout..

LISS (5k indoor run/walk)


Rest Day


30 Min HIIT (30 secs on 16kph / 30 secs off)

Bit annoyed that I just couldn’t get the whole resistance session completed on Friday morning, but I got an extra LISS session in, so it’s not all bad! Missing Saturdays workout wasn’t intentional, but I just couldn’t face it when I woke up that morning. It still means I did 7.5 workouts this week, so really that’s not all that bad. I think I am combating my uselessness with food by doing 7-8 a week lol!

Next week is the start of week 10, and so much of the same requirements:

3-4 Resistance Sessions

2-3 LISS Sessions

1-2 HIIT Sessions

(If you don’t know what all these acronyms mean, check out my post here)

I noticed this week that my arms are getting a bit weaker than what they used to be. I haven’t managed to be able to throw out as many push ups as I used to! It might just be the type of workouts that I have been doing with Kayla Itsines BBG, but my arms are definitely feeling a bit weaker. Something to work on…

We’ll see what next week brings….!