That Body (October)…

I’ll be honest..I had a bit of mare with my measurements/body composition this month.

Normally I get my body composition done at the Formula 1 track (where me and Matt try to go most weeks to cycle/run). Unfortunately in the first week of October, when we were supposed to go, Matt fell ill – so that meant we didn’t head down there. I felt a bit crappy that I didn’t manage to get the data I needed for the chart and for my blog post, but I think also a little relieved because I didn’t feel like I had made any progress and this meant I had another seven days to try and get a better result.

Fast forward seven days and onto the track we go. A ridiculously busy session because the Abu Dhabi Cycling Tour is in town and the new government funded fitness programme ‘Get Driver Fit‘ was kicking off. I decide to run rather than cycle because my quads were in a mess, and I managed to get one full lap and one short lap in, totaling just over 8k. Not to bad for me and my non-runner trainers (a problem that I need to fix).

After that, I headed over to the usual tent to get my body composition done. I was nervous (as I always am when I do these things) but I jumped on, put the info in and waited for the results to print out. I couldn’t even look at the form while I put my socks and trainers back on, but finally plucked up the courage when I took a seat on the edge of the body comp area.


Now, I know this BBG Workout Programme is a difficult one, and the food plan a bit on the restrictive side sometimes, but I really wasn’t prepared for the 14.2% Body Fat percentage that showed up on the sheet. From the last measurement of 19.6% in August, you might say I was a little shocked with the 5% drop. I just couldn’t believe it! So I did what any normal person would do – jump straight back on the machine and give it another go. The guys on the stall understood, but after going through the process again, I was literally stunned to see the body fat percentage stay exactly the same. My weight was right, my muscle mass seemed reasonable and everything else seemed on track. So I must have done it…!

must have reached my ultimate goal of sub 15% body fat…!

So once again, I did what any normal person would do – I cried

I’m not quite sure Matt knew what to say or do (he gets uncomfortable around emotion lol) but he congratulated me, said he was proud of me and took a look at my double set of scores. I felt proud of myself. Like I said, I couldn’t believe it. I was completely stunned and shocked and a bit ‘woah’.

I couldn’t shake it though. Something didn’t feel right. I didn’t want to go and write this monthly blog post with a doubt in my mind that the results I had weren’t right, so the next morning I booked in at a fitness center to get measured again.

Let’s have a little look see what went down…

Weights and Measurements


Well well well…

It’s not 14.5% like it was the night before, but it’s not a shabby effort either! I’m not going to say that the last couple of months have been easy & fun…because they certainly haven’t felt like that, but after finally getting the right set of results (I hope) from Fit & Flex at Abu Dhabi Golf Club, I do feel really quite happy at where I am and the progress I am making.

What annoyed be a bit actually was the fact that my body measurements are a bit all over the place, going up and down half inch whenever they feel like it, but the proof is there that I’ve lost nearly 2% body fat in the last couple of months, so that’s what really matters. What it tells me is that I always need to take a look at the bigger picture and see all of the information together in one table, rather than rely just on one aspect – like measurements. Weight is always a big problem too, and people can be easily fooled by stepping on the scale and seeing no change. It’s not one that I take any notice of normally, but after not going to get my body composition done for a while and not seeing any result changes in my measurements, I am happy to see that my weight has gone down slightly. I don’t need or want to get much lower than where I am now, but I just like seeing the scales below 60kg, that’s just the number I like to see, and I’m pretty sure a lot of you have that ‘magic’ number too. I’ve stuck to 59-point-something for a while now, so I’m pretty happy with that!

Check out my full exercise diary’s from September:

Week 1     /     Week 2    /    Week 3    /    Week 4

So, all in all, from day dot, this is what has changed: 

Weight – Say bye bye to FOURTEEN & 1/2 pounds

Belly Measurement (biggest part) – 4.5 inches smaller

Belly Button Measurement – 4 inches smaller

Waist Measurement (smallest part) – 3 inches smaller

Thigh (biggest part) – 2.5 inches smaller

That’s a total of 14 inches lost!

The inches lost is the same as last month, but with the percentage in body fat going down by 2%, I’m not really all that fussed!

And here goes with the progress photos…


TimeLine PAINT


I really do like looking at progress photos, but it’s so strange to see the differences throughout. Unfortunately my first few months of progress photos have been lost here and there, but at least now I have a solid library from May, so I can carry on properly from here (and keep them all safe to use again)

You can see from August/September that my stomach has flattened out a bit, but I do feel like I have lost a bit of definition in my shoulders. It’s all a bit swings and roundabouts really, because one workout programme will improve one thing, and another will improve something else. Plus there’ll aalllllllways be something I’m not happy with, obviously.

The Plan Going Forward…

So as I mentioned last month, weeks 8-12 of the Bikini Body Guide are the most challenging:

3-4 Resistant Sessions

2-3 LISS Sessions

1-2 HIIT Sessions


Phewieeee! That’s NINE workouts per week, every week, for four of them! To say that I am going to be a little worn out is an understatement I’m sure. I’m really going to have to plan well with regards to when I do my double workout days, and when I need to rest. It’s a juggling game with an demanding full time events job, a full time workout regime, a full time relationship and a full time life. Actually, strike out the life, I definitely don’t have one of those anymore.

How do I do it? Honestly…? I struggle. Everyone struggles! Instagram isn’t just full of photo filters, it’s full of life filters too. But I try not to use those too often. If I’m having a bad day, generally you guys will know about it. If I cry – you’ll know about it. And if I eat a rediculous cookies and creme ice cream (like I did this week) – then you’ll know about it.

So the plan going forward is to finish BBG round 1, and spend the time between now and then to really think about the goals I want going into Year Two of this little blog of mine. I had a really good conversation with Matt about this, and I’ll put it all down in a blog post soon for you all to mull over.

Here’s to the next 4 weeks and my first ever Blog-Birthday!!!