That Weekly Round Up: Fourty-Eight…

This week has been alright to be fair. Though I didn’t get all my workouts in, I still ate OK. I know I put too much pressure on myself sometimes, but this is ‘my thing’ and I really want everything to go well for me.

Have a look at my Food Diary & Exercise Diary from the last 7 days…

Here’s the last seven days in pictures:

That Good Week…

– Getting some of my recipes published in Dining & Nightlife Abu Dhabi (read the latest edition here)

– Getting Matt back from his trip to Italy, along with a beaut new handbag!!

– Eating pretty well 99% of the week

That Bad Week…

– Not being able to complete all 8 workouts this week (I managed 6)

– Being absolutely SHATTERED on Sunday and not going to the gym

– Not getting down the track to check my body composition

– My knee giving way on a run on Saturday afternoon

Next Week…

We are heading into Week 9 of the Bikini Body Guide. Week 9 hypes up the exercises again, so now I’m heading into:

3-4 Resistance Workouts

2-3 LISS Workouts

1-2 HIIT Workouts

(don’t worry if you don’t understand the acronyms above, have a look at my post here)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I really want this next few weeks to go well to get to the end of October, the end of the first 12 weeks of the Bikini Body Guide and the end of my first year of blogging! I’m roping in Matt to really kick my arse and make sure I get all of the workouts in, and I’m really going to keep on point with my food planning.

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