That New Bike…

Today I handed over the blog to my lovely Matt, to write about the experience that he had today. You see, he’s a cyclist, and ever since we arrived in Abu Dhabi he’s had a hankering for a new set of wheels. Today was that day, and I thought I’d let him tell you all about it…


Today has been a long time coming. Since getting into road cycling about 18 months ago, I’ve been hooked. And as I got more into it, got stronger, more confident and faster, I’ve regularly had an eye out for that next bike.

Something that really excited me when we moved to Abu Dhabi was the revelation that nearby there was a new, up and coming, British-run cycling shop – Yas Cycles.

Early after arriving here in the UAE we visited the guys in Al Zeina, just off Yas Island, in their make-shift shop in a storage facility inside a car park. Hardly glamorous, but I instantly liked the place and the guys running it. They “get” their customers, and they “get” cycling, and their awesome range of bikes and accessories means they can cater for pretty much anybody and everybody.

While I was out of the country with work this last week, Yas Cycles moved into their new, swanky store. This morning I landed back in country, and this afternoon I just needed to go and see it.


Its great! Its clean, spacious, bright, well laid out and compliments the beautiful bikes they have in store perfectly. One thing that certainly hasn’t changed after all my visits to see these guys is their focus on their customer. They remain passionate about cycling and helping riders of all experience levels.

So we entered the store, and were immediately greeted by the guys with a friendly hi and welcome. We were left for a few minutes to browse the range of Merckx, Swift and Specialized bikes before Dave came over to ask if there was anything more he could do to help.


I already knew that today I was buying, and had already pretty much settled on a Specialized Tarmac Elite after doing A LOT of personal research online. Dave asked me about what I already rode, what kind of riding I do, how often, how far etc. He seemed genuinely interested and excited in hearing about a fellow riders habits and routines, and based on what I told him, he had some suggestions.

He totally reassured me about the bike I had already been thinking about upgrading from my Carrera to, which only made me feel more confident about the purchase. He gave advice about longevity of parts, potential upgrade options in the future, and the importance of getting the right bike for the right rider in the right situation. I’ll admit it, I LOVED having a bit of a bike geek-out with someone who totally gets it!

On the turbo – the indoor bike trainer which allows you to ride on the spot…

So the bike was chosen, and Dave used his experience to help me get the right size too. Then it was over to Joe, who would help me fit the bike to my exact dimensions and body proportions. Using my own existing pedals and shoes, the guys at Yas Cycles set my brand new set of wheels up on a turbo and I was able to climb aboard and give her a spin. Joe tweaked gears here and cables there until every single gear moved seamlessly and instantly. He would stand back and watch me ride, analysing my body shape and leg extension until we made it absolutely perfect for me. A really nice touch I thought, especially considering the amount being spent.


Dave helped with additional things like getting some new clothing (I obviously went for the signature Yas Cycles kit) and rack for the car to ensure my new wheels don’t ever miss out on the opportunity to get around the city for a new ride. This was of course, also fitted for me.

All in all, I couldn’t be happier. Firstly, IT’S A NEW BIKE, and its beautiful! But more than that, the experience I had with the guys in Yas Cycles made me feel confident as a rider, confident with my purchase, and confident that the guys will be there to help with anything I will ever need as I progress even further as a cyclist.

We already can’t wait to use Yas Cycles again for the full clean and service of my older Carrera (otherwise known as Babs) ready for her to be handed over to Tiff to use as her own.

Thanks again guys! You’ve made one cyclist very happy today!