That 47th Exercise Diary…

This week was tough.

I wanted to have a couple of days off of the gym at the end of the week, so I planned to get most of my workouts done before the weekend here in Abu Dhabi. I’m so glad I did – because my mood over the weekend would have meant I probably wouldn’t have worked out at ALL!!


Read my exercise diary from the past seven days below:


AM – Bikini Body Guide Week 7 – Legs & Cardio

PM – 45 Minutes LISS (outdoor run)


AM – Bikini Body Guide Week 7 – Arms & Abs

PM – 45 Minutes LISS (outdoor run)


45 Minutes LISS (stationary bike)


AM – Bikini Body Guide Week 7 – Abs & Cardio

PM – 45 Minutes LISS (outdoor run)


Rest Day


Rest Day


 30 Minutes LISS (stationary bike)

I’m really happy that I managed to get all of my workouts in this week. It didn’t actually seem too tough, but I think that’s mainly because Matt hasn’t been here, so I haven’t really had anything else to do lol!

Week 8 starts tomorrow (Monday) and I need to make this another perfect week. Matt is back home on Monday morning, but it doesn’t mean I can’t get all of the workouts done and dusted:

3 x Circuit Workouts

5 x LISS Sessions

1 x Stretching Session

I’ve made sure that my food-prep is super easy this week so I’m not spending hours in the kitchen after work, and it’s also a public holiday here in the UAE so we are only working a three day week. This means that I can get my double sessions in on the weekdays where I am not working and hopefully get a weekend of complete rest days in (which I haven’t done in quite some time)

Matt isn’t here this week, so it means that I’ve got to be my own motivation to get up and get to the gym before work! Wish me luck….!

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