That Weekly Round Up: Fourty-Five…

All round, this week has been pretty decent. I’ve been really proud of myself for sticking to the food and exercise plan (99% – that Quest Bar wasn’t exactly planned, but not exactly a problem) and all intertwined with starting a new job and a new week of BBG, which also meant more workouts. Phew!!!

Make sure you check out this weeks exercise diary and food diary

Here’s the last seven days in pictures:

That Good Week…

– Starting my new job in Abu Dhabi

– Staying strong on both my food and exercise for the whole seven days – oooosh!!

– *fingers crossed* making some new contacts in Dubai & Abu Dhabi for bloggy stuff

– Going back to Glamour Salon and having my hair done

– Being invited to try out Teatro at Park Rotana Abu Dhabi on Sunday evening (write up coming very soon)

That Bad Week…

– Missing Matt over the weekend 😦

– Having that horrible worn out feeling on Thursday morning when I tried to wake up to go to the gym. Safe to say I didn’t end up going (but I still made up for it over the weekend)!

– Being a bit grouchy alongside my tiredness from starting a new job after 14 weeks of pretty much doing nothing.

Next Week…

Next week is the beginning of BBG Week 6 – that means at the end of it I’ll be half way through the plan and only 6 weeks away from my one year blog birthday!! I am planning on having a bit of a treat day on Friday as I haven’t had one this week and I’ll probably go a bit stir-crazy by the end of this week. It also gives me something to look forward to as well, some quality time with Matt too 🙂

Hopefully we’ll get down the track again too, because I am itching to get my body-stats done again. I really want to see if any changes have been made in the last few weeks!