That 45th Exercise Diary…

This week has been the first where I’ve really been able to put the right amount of effort into my exercise and my nutritional plan. Even though I started my new job (!!) on Tuesday, it didn’t stop me from making sure that week five of Kayla’s Bikini Body Guide went without a hitch.

I won’t lie – I’ve been absolutely knackered every evening since starting work, and the lovely Matt has put up with my grouchy-ness and falling asleep pretty much as soon as I hit the couch – but we knew that the first week was going to be super tough. I have to get back into the routine of working a 9 hour day plus the gym plus whatever else, but I’m getting there and hoping that my first full week next week goes without a hitch.


Read my exercise diary from the past seven days below:


Bikini Body Guide Week 5 – Legs & Cardio

45 minutes LISS (stationary bike)


45 minutes LISS (treadmill)


Bikini Body Guide Week 5 – Arms & Abs


Rest Day


Bikini Body Guide Week 5 – Abs & Cardio

45 Minutes LISS (treadmill)


45 Minutes LISS (stationary bike)


45 Minutes LISS (stationary bike)

So as you’ll see, I’ve managed to get all three circuit sessions and all five LISS sessions in to my week. I was supposed to go the gym on Thursday and have a rest on Saturday or Sunday, but my alarm went of on Thursday morning and I just couldn’t face it, so I went back to sleep and made up the time at the weekend.

Next week means the beginning of Bikini Body Guide Week 6, almost half way through the 12 week programme. My week looks like this:

3 x Circuit Workouts

5 x LISS Sessions

1 x Stretching Session

Seven weeks left until my 1 year blog-birthday…so obviously trying my hardest to pull all of this together. I can see changes in my body, so I really want to get down to the track to get my body comp measured again – hopefully we can go this week!

What does your workout plan look like this week? Are you in the middle of a workout plan? I’d love to hear from you so comment below to get in touch!

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