That Weekly Round Up: Fourty-Four…

I actually sat down to write this post with one of those big, worn-out sighs. It’s been a busy few weeks with moving house and entertaining my sister and mum while they were staying with us for two weeks…and even though that was all lovely and exciting, it’s really nice to sit in our house on our own and enjoy what we’ve got here.

Make sure you check out this weeks exercise diary and food diary

Here’s the last seven days in pictures:

That Good Week…

– Making healthy choices when out and about in Dubai

– Getting my workout buddy back in the gym πŸ™‚

– My monthly measurements going well!

– Doing some super strong food prep on Sunday for the next few days

That Bad Week…

– Being totally worn out and missing a LISS session or two

– Not feeling very settled in our apartment quite yet

NextΒ Week…

We’re moving on to Week 5 of Kayla’s Bikini Body Guide.. I’ve got my food prep all done and I’m feeling confident. I’m going to get my workouts out of the way early in the day to ensure they get done, I’m going to eat well and have a good 7 days. I hope you’re all going strong too!!