That 44th Exercise Diary…

This week was the 2nd week with my Sister and Mum visiting…so I made sure I got some exercise in before they woke up in the mornings and used my LISS sessions up on days where I knew I’d be on my feet all day and couldn’t get to the gym.


Read my exercise diary from the past seven days below:


Bikini Body Guide Week 4 – Legs & Cardio


45 minutes LISS (treadmill)

Walk around Yas Marina F1 track


Bikini Body Guide Week 4 – Arms & Abs


No gym session, but we spent 8 hours walking around Dubai Mall – so I think that counts.




Bikini Body Guide Week 4 – Full Body Workout


No gym session, but I spent the day cleaning the entire apartment!

This week has been OK exercise wise, and I know I should be doing my LISS sessions properly, but with family here and so much going on I was worn out already!

Next week means the beginning of Bikini Body Guide Week 5 – and this means my training sessions start to increase.

3 x Circuit Workouts

5 x LISS Sessions

1 x Stretching Session

So it’s time to really get my head down and concentrate and get these sessions completely smashed out no matter what. Matt wants to get back into the gym again so that’s great – he can help me with my motivation, and I can help him with his 🙂

8 weeks left until my one year blog-birthday!!!