That Weekly Round Up: Fourty-Three…

One week in our own home and it still doesn’t feel like we’re settled. This may be because the day we moved in was the day that my mum and sister came to visit (timing, right?!) so we’ve not really got very far when it comes to getting all set up in our little home. We’re getting there though, and that’s all that matters.

Make sure you check out this weeks exercise diary and food diary

Here’s the last seven days in pictures:

That Good Week…

– Being able to do loads of stuff with the family, including Yas Waterworld, Guylian Chocolate Cafe, Desert Safari & loads more

– Starting to get set up in our little home 🙂

– Going over to Friday Brunch at The Ritz Carlton Abu Dhabi (which was incredible) and not stuffing my face until I felt sick. Yes I still indulged and over-ate a little…but I didn’t leave feeling horrendous.

– Being invited to and attending the relaunch of Seafood Night at Le Meridien Abu Dhabi

– Being able to eat super healthy meals prepared at home

That Bad Week…

– Obviously struggling trying to stay healthy when faced with eating out and countless buffets at the Seafood Night & Brunch

– Not managing my third BBG circuit session this week purely because I was so.damn.tired!!

– Not being able to track my food as effectively as I want to

Next Week…

My mum and sister are still here this week and we’re heading over to Dubai on Wednesday for a couple of days. I really want to focus on staying healthy whilst being there because I know my downfall is eating out so that’s my main focus. I’ll definitely be keeping all of my exercise in because it’s pretty easy just to get up when Matt goes to work and get a session smashed out before my mum and sister are even awake!

I’ve also got my monthly weights/measurements this week which I am obviously apprehensive about. I don’t think much has changed (as always) but I know that will be due to the fact that I haven’t been 100% with diet and nutrition with my family here. As I mentioned in my exercise diary – I’ve got 10 weeks left of the 12 until my 1 year blog-birthday so I know I need to knuckle down. It’s going to be so much easier now I can prep meals, plan ahead and food shop accordingly now that we have a permanent home – and Matt is always super supportive of the food groups I need to get into my diet and will pretty much eat whatever I cook lol!

Are you in the middle of a workout plan at the moment? Or have you found a nutritional plan that works for you? I’d love to hear from you so please comment below to get in touch…