That Review: Seafood Night at LMAD

I’ll be honest….

I’ve never been the biggest seafood fan. Yep – I said it! I think it’s mainly because I don’t know what things are rather than not liking the flavour or taste, so I am generally a bit scared to try the new things that are put down in front of me.

But after watching this video, I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to give Seafood Night at Le Meridien Abu Dhabi a go.

One of the things that may put people off eating seafood is the freshness factor, especially if you’re diving in to a seafood platter in a restaurant absolutely no-where near the sea. If you didn’t know already, Le Meridien Abu Dhabi is a 3 or 4 minute drive from the incredible fresh fish markets, vegetable markets and meat markets of Abu Dhabi, which means they can literally cook you up the Catch of the Day.

I was lucky enough to be able to take Matt, my mum and sister along with me to the Seafood Night at Le Meridien Abu Dhabi – and they were all wowed by the choices on display. We all took our time having a look around the 5 live cooking stations and countless other options before finally deciding what to go for…

My sister being the most adventurous of us all meant that she got all of the plate-photo glory, but she also made sure that I tried as many things as possible…

We Had…

Prawn Cocktail


Salmon Ceviche

Tuna Tartare

Smoked Mackerel

King Prawns

Greek Salad

Tuna Stuffed Tomatoes

Quinoa Salad


Fresh Naan Breads

Now, there were a LOT of things there that I have never tried before, but after having a taste of the sushi rolls, mackerel and king prawns I was delightfully surprised. And from a healthy eating point of view – seafood is right up there with superfoods and juices – you can’t get anything cleaner, fresher or healthier!!

We sat talking about the ridiculous amount of options available to us for our main courses before separating to try a little bit of everything…

We Had…

Tandoori Hamour

Lobster Tails

Beef Steak

Chicken Skewers

Garlic Prawns

Shirmp & Vegetable Curry

Grilled Calamari

Seafood Pasta


Roasted Vegetables

Mashed & Roasted Potato

& probably a few more forgotten between us…

Everyone at the table commented on the quality of the choices available to us, and even the non-seafood eaters were catered for with plenty of meats on the grill.

The food was incredible, and I always comment on the same thing, but considering it was a buffet – it was just as amazing as food served to you directly from a kitchen. I think this is a thing that I am going to have to get used to in Abu Dhabi – but at the moment it still amazes me.

After a couple more drinks and a little time for our stomachs to settle, my guests dived head first for dessert – with me going for a lighter option…

We Had…

Fresh Fruit Salad

Chocolate Covered Strawberries & Marshmallows

Strawberry Profiterole

Minty Mousse

Chocolate Cake

Passionfruit Granita

Hazelnut Cake

Red Velvet Cake

From entering Latest Recipe at Le Meridien with doubts of whether there would be anything I could/would eat, I left full to the brim without feeling at all guilty. My favourite surprise was that I actually enjoyed some sushi (something that I thought I would never do) and trying lobster tail has got me hankering for some more (though I’d still need someone to take it all apart for me – wimp)

The Seafood Night at Le Meridien Abu Dhabi is definitely a great opportunity to get together with friends and family at the beginning of the weekend and enjoy over 100 dishes from the sea, try new things and of course some old favourites as well.

Seafood Night at Latest Recipe every Thursday from 7pm.

From 222 AED (£40.00)

To book call +971 (0)2 644 6666

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