That Week Fourty-One…

Another week down in Abu Dhabi – and yes, we may still be living in a hotel – but we are so so close to getting everything sorted!

Read this weeks exercise diary and food diary.

Here’s the last seven days in pictures:

That Good Week…

– Matt finally getting back from America (with a pair of pretty pink Nikes for moi!!)

– Starting my new workouts and really being in the zone for 12 Weeks Out

– Surprising Matt with a few ‘home-improvements’ at our new apartment

– Managing to stick with the new BBG workout and eating plan with not much hassle at all

That Bad Week…

– Not stretching properly after my very first BBG workout and struggling for 3 days afterwards

– Feeling a little frustrated at the weekend because I wasn’t really able to plan food properly because we just didn’t know where we were going to be living/cooking.

– Struggling a little on the first ‘night out’ where I wasn’t drinking!

Next Week…

 We’ll hopefully be moving into our actual apartment at some point (I hope soon because my Mum and Sister are coming to visit next weekend lol!) and will fingers crossed be able to get into some kind or normal routine. Living in a hotel has had it’s perks and everything, but considering we moved to this country over nine weeks ago, it would be nice to actually be in the place that we rented 5 weeks ago and is actually ours.

My plan is to stick to the nutrition and exercise regime from the Bikini Body Guide as closely as possible this week. I do have a brunch to go to on Friday with Matt, but I’m going to use this as an opportunity to exercise my will-power and use the time to find the healthy options available at a brunch here in Abu Dhabi. Wish me luck!!!