That BBG Nutrition Plan…

Following on from giving you details on the workout plan included in Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide, I thought I’d also delve in to the nutritional plan that comes alongside it.


It’s not 80% Gym / 20% Diet – It’s 100% of both!

Not a truer statement in the world I don’t think! I am one of the worst for exercising brilliantly and then letting myself down nutritionally. I rationalise with myself that it’s OK if I have a couple of drinks because I’ve worked super hard, but really that is the exact reason why I haven’t got to where I want to be. I’m also a self-confessed carbophobe (real word) so the changes I am making with this plan are actually quite scary for me!!

What’s Included…?

It’s pretty simple really; Kayla has split the food groups and given us a certain amount of ‘servings’ of each per day (and really helpfully, these are split into actual weight/cup measurements):


Wholemeal or Wholegrain recommended – but anything from quinoa to rice, pasta to crispbreads. Even real actual bread is allowed (so very foreign to any of my previous nutritional plans). The amount of servings of these foods are way above anything I would normally eat – but as I said before – maybe that’s the problem. Maybe I haven’t been fueling myself properly for the (pretty intense) workouts that I do.

Vegetables / Legumes

Obviously this is a biggie. One of the biggest serving allowances on the plan – and there’s even a helpful guide of which are starchy/non starchy, or with a high/low calorie content. I have always had problem with getting enough of this in my diet as well – so this plan will definitely help me top up on all the right foods.


What is says on the tin really – servings are obviously included in the day, and there’s even a substitute allowance for fresh fruit juice.


I’m not a huge person for eating dairy. The most I generally get is some milk or almond milk in my morning Proats, and then maybe a coffee in the day (but this will change once we move out of the hotel and into our apartment, as there won’t be a full blown coffee machine available 24/7). Keeping track of my servings will definitely help me keep to a more balanced diet.


Funnily enough, this is the one I am probably going to struggle on. Fats aren’t just the oils that you cook with – this section includes nuts & nut butter (my beloved peanut butter) and also things like avocados. So with only a couple of small portions available each day – this one is going to be my biggest struggle to control.


And finally…! Water is of course super important to keep you hydrated, feeling full and healthy. So this guide recommends the standard 8 glasses a day. I try to get somewhere between 2-3 litres in me throughout the day as standard – I just have to make sure that is consistent!

How I’m Going To Stay Accountable…

Pretty simply really!

All I’ve done is create a chart so that when I’m planning my food for the week I can tally up my ‘servings’ of each of the above headings, and then write them out in an easy to read food diary. My Fitness Pal is great for adding foods and looking at each day in detail – but I sometimes like to see a whole week laid out in front of me, so I’ve gone old-school pen and paper to make this happen.

I’ll still be logging on My MyFitnessPal Page – so I can generally see the breakdown of macronutrients and calorie content. But as I said before, I have been physically unable to weigh anything properly so I am once again looking forward to finally being in our own home with our own stuff to be able to do things properly again!

Do you follow Kayla’s HELP Guide? How have you found the food planning and ‘servings’ aspect of it all? I’d love to hear from you so please comment below and let me know how you use the guide.