That BBG (and my worries)…

It’s easy to say ‘yeah, okay‘ and take on a new plan with a click of your fingers, but after making the decision Twelve Weeks Out to start Kayla Itsines BBG – of course I started having doubts (typical).

It all started when trying to decide what plan to go ahead and take on. I had three in mind, and had used all of my energy looking through transformation photos, testimonials and asking people outright how they got on with each plan. The people that I did ask were super helpful (thank you!!) but at the end of the day I was still completely torn.

So, I chose the plan that I already had downloaded and on file – Kayla’s BBG.


Considering this plan is going to see me through to my 1-year transformation photo, I need to be 100% committed to the cause. I’ve downloaded and printed all of the workout plans, I’ve printed off a calendar to write my workouts on & plan ahead, I’ve downloaded the nutrition guide and made my own little chart to document my servings of food throughout each day, and I have changed my MyFitnessPal diary to suit the food layout. There’s print-off’s everywhere and I’m mentally exhausted after a day of planning all of this out.

But of course I still have a couple of doubts…

1. Muscle Loss

I think I’ve done a pretty decent job of building up my muscle over the last 9 months. 27.5kg of my approx. 61kg weight is muscle. And I don’t want to lose any of that lol. One of my main concerns with the workouts ahead of me is that there are no heavy weights. Yes, there are weights involved in some of the exercises, but they won’t be close to my 60kg squats and 75kg leg extensions. Fingers crossed the workout’s keep hold of the muscle!

2. Body Fat Percentage Gain

This one pretty much coincides with the above – because if I do lose any muscle, then that means my BF% will go up – and I definitely don’t want that. Under 20% has always been my goal – and now I’m there I don’t want to let it go!!

3. Too Much Food

That sounds strange right?!! The nutritional guide recommends 6 servings of ‘grains’ a day. That’s things like oats, rice, pasta, quinoa, crispbreads and weetabix. I don’t eat that stuff lol! Okay, maybe the oats (who can go a day without overnight Proats?!!)  but in general I stick to a pretty low carb diet. Maybe that’s my problem, and hopefully this will fix it. We shall see!!

It also recommends 5 servings of Veg & Legumes per day – something which I know I am bad at getting into my diet, so I hope this will help me plan ahead better and have that mound of vegetables on the side of my plate!

Apart from the above, the circuit workouts look challenging (the hashtag DeathByKayla gets me a bit worried), and I could use some more cardio in my routine, so the LISS (Low Intensity Steady State) sessions should ensure I do that nicely.

Have you done Kayla’s BBG before – or are you doing it now? What have you found easy/hard about the whole process? I’d love to hear from you so please comment below and let me know your thoughts 🙂 

Tiff xxxx

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