That 40th Exercise Diary…

Still happy with this week, even though I had a couple on unplanned days off. All about the balance!


We’re still at the Crowne Plaza Yas Island, so that’s where our gym is at!

Read my exercise diary from the past seven days below:

Monday – Core

Ab Circuit (Repeat x 5)

10kg Russian Twist x 10 each side

10kg Weighted Crunch x 10

Alternate Heel Touches x 10 each side

Swiss Ball Roll Up x 10

V Sit x 15


Plank x 1 Min

Side Plank x 1 Min each side

20kg Standing Oblique Bend (3 x 10)

Level 6 Cable Crunch (3 x 10)

Tuesday – HIIT and Cycling at Yas Marina F1 Circuit


15 mins – 6 Gradient – 17.5kph

20 Seconds On / 40 Seconds Off


Wednesday – Rest

I had to head to Dubai for my medical in the morning, and then Matt left for training in the evening so we just spent the day together doing not much.

Thursday – Shoulders & Arms

Supersets (Repeat x 3)

Superset 1 – Standing Dumbbell Upright Row (9kg each x 10) / Tricep Dips x 10

Superset 2 – Alternate Dumbbell Front Raise (7kg each x 10) / Hammer Curls (9kg each x 10)

Superset 3 – Standing Shoulder Press (9kg each x 10) / Dumbbell Tricep Extension (16kg x 10)

Superset 4 – Alternate Dumbell Lateral Raise (7kg x 10) / Seated Dumbell Curl Twist (9kg each x 10)

Friday – Rest 

AKA….hangover lol 

Saturday – Rest 

AKA…another hangover!

Sunday – Light Cardio

Getting back in the gym game with a little 30 minute session on the Stationary Bike. Keeping above 100rpm the whole time.

I’m 12 weeks out from 1 year progress this week, so nows the time to seriously hit it hard.

It’s Sunday afternoon now and I still haven’t come up with a plan, so I am spending the rest of the day really nailing down what I’m going to do for the next 3 months. EEEEEEK


Do you have any hints or tips on how to stay on track with your workouts? Maybe you have a go-to that always ensures you end up in the gym. I’d love to hear from you, so comment below and let me know how your week pans out.